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As they reached this Wild noticed a smooth fl. He paused and held the lantern close to it. Then he easily deciphered the characters that were on the Apache Token the dying Indian had given him. There was the head of the Indian princess and the setting sun, just about in the same form as those on the piece of buckskin. It is the mark of the Apache Tok e n, I reckon. Anyhow, the Indian had said that it was bt a short distance from the dark cave to the valley. For two hundred yards they continued to go on down ward and t h e n daylight s howed ahead. In less than a minute later they stepped out upon the edge of a beautiful and fertile little that was prob ably a hundred acres in extent.

Tropical trees, fruits and :flowers showed on every hand, while the feathered songsters made the air ring with their cries "rt don't look much like a valley of gold, but I reckon it's worth coming over the desert to find,'' said Young Wild West, as he removed hi s hat and wiped the per spiratio n from hi s brow. Just then a dozen more Indians, who were clad in the finery of the ancient Aztecs, appeared before them, marching soldier -fa shion and in absolute silence!


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I'll try and fix things with these fellows. They looked at him with no little surp rise, and when their leader brnqght them to a sudde n halt our hero ex claimed: "Good morning, gentlemen! I reckon we don't want to disturb you, but we :found our way here, and hope it will be all right. Wild under stood him all right, but without saying any thing further, he held up the token.

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He looked the token over in silence and then stepped back. Then he said something to his followers and the re sult was that they quickly broke into a double line, standing about a dozen feet apart and forming a lane for our hero 1and his companions to go on through. They won't harm u s The Apache Token is going to take u s through, just as the dying Indian said it would. A good drink of cool water wouldn't go bad now. When the last of them had passed the redskins fell in "A whole loin of juicy beef," said Wild, nodding his apbehind them and marched along like drilled soldiers proval.

It beats anything I have ever seen saw them unloading the pack horses they looked at them in this part of the country, I am sure. The cook needed no second bidding. There was such an air of peaceful content abou t the The Apaches, Aztecs, or whatever they could be called, scene that it hardly seemed possible that they had crossed watched them in siience for ::i. The four old soldters looked after them as though they The girls were delighted, and as the strangeness of the were not satisfied that they were not dreaming, and when situation gradually wore away they chatted gaily and they had disappeared behind a clump of trees and bushes picked the flowers that were so plentiful.

Dave Romer exclaimed: The noonday meal was cooked and eaten, and nothing "By ginger! He made up his mind to take a look around the valley Romer," Wild answered. I reckon we'll find out something about When he told his thoughts to the rest no one raised it before we leave here, though the least objections, other than to state that they feared "Maybe they won' t allow us ter leave," Owens said, something might happen to the two. I can't wait any longer. That might please that' s one thing sartin. He laughed as he said this, showing that he did not "Shet up your croakin'!

I won' t! Jay nothin' more. It was close to noon now, and notwithstanding the Then assuring their companions that they would not fact that they had all tiaten liberally of the :fruit, they be gone very long, they took the course the Indians had felt the pangs of hunger. They had not gone far when they came in sight of the Just as they were thinking of kindling a fire two In-ruins of an ancient temple, which could just be discerned dians appeared carrying a big chunk of beef in the growing vegetation.

The token was not for palefaces to have. It was big stone slab that bore the same characters as were on never meant that they should come to the Valley of the token. As they neared the cliff heads could be seen popping "I guess so," was the reply. Not until they reached the foot of the cliff did Wil d A troubled look came over the face of the princess. But the was evidently a princess, came from a clump of bushes token may be of great help to you, if you should want to behind them.

Who are you, if I may be so bold as to ask? Wild quickly dismounted and showed it to her "It is well," she said. I, the Princess Pearl Face, made the token and gave it to my uncle, who chose to live among the whites, instead of here, the same as our ancient an cestors did. We'll take good care to behave ourselves, and not violate your ancient laws; while we are here You can rest assured on that.

You may need us, too, for if Chief Running Wolf and his big band of warriors should find their way here there would be some fighting to do, most likely "What is that? But that is the case, princess. A hundred Apaches are on their way to the Valley of Gold. We got here ahead of them, and if they happen to find the way they will get here, too At this the girl clapped her hands sharply. Wild soon related the whole story. The girl listened in silence, and Men came running froin all directions and down the when he had done ladders from the holes in the cliff.

Your face tells me that every word you say is true. But my who was called Big Broncho, must surely have been out of his mind, or he would never have told you what he did'. She spoke to them earnestly for a few minutes, and then they departed in a hurry. But it was not long before they showed up again, armed with bows and arrows, clubs and spears. Th en they all started for the passage that led to the cave, about seventy of them, all told. The Indian girl soon calmed down, and then she re"When I go away?

There is a gold mine here.

Getting There

All The oth ers lived as nearly like the ancient Aztecs as the gold there is to be found here is right in this build they knew how, though all were Apaches, and chose to ing. And to be at peace with the whole world, chose to seclude the jewels! The Jewels of the Aztecs! They are fine. Wild and Arietta listened to the story with no little her. When the princess paused aftet a while Arietta said: The princess opened it and the sight that lay "How is it that you speak such good English?

I have never forgotten it, Arietta. They heafd outside. Comee allee samee quickee Um bignever hope to crqss it. Ledskins comee likee blazee! The princess then invited our two friends to go to her "Come with us," said Arietta. The home was an adobe building situated among a lot of trees. Near it was a big cavity in the earth, with caves run. The adolj,e house was fitted up like a palace inside. Gold and silver ornaments were as' plentiful a,s furniture and cooking utensils : "I reckon there is a fortune right here, Et,'' said Wild, smiling at his sweetheart and nodding to some of the treasures that were lying abotlt so loosely.

Wild ran outside and found Hop there "How did you find out where we were, Hop? Just then our hero heard a volley of shots. J Pearl Face heard the shots, too. He knew that if Running Wolf once got in th'e valley with his braves it would be no place for them. Get the pack-horses loaded, for the chances are that we will have to leave in a hurry. The latter seemed to understand, and when she said she had no relatives living in the valley, and that she really would like to get out of it, it was easy to coax her into going. It so happened that when Hop got to where he had left the rest the horses were already loaded, since Charlie and Jim knew very well they would have to get away from where they were.

Hop quickly told them all what was wanted 0 them and it was not long before the y rode up to the adobe house. Then ensued a wild scramble and the our gold hunters nearly fell over each other in an effort to get more than their share, as they called it. The house had just about been stripped when a blood curdling yell came from the other side of the valley. Our friends were on the move now, and they had 1 scarcely got behind a grove when they heard the clatter of hoofs.

The Apaches were riding through the valley. Double file they went through, Cheyenne Charlie l eading the way with a blazing torch, which he had lighted the moment they got there. It was with a sigh 0 relief that they all got through the passage and out of the cave. As they emerged from it the sun suddenly went under and a low rumble sounded. Then the reath rocked and a sound l ike thunder fol lowed. I Then the surface of the :flattened out, and up rose a few jagged peaks to mark the spot where the wall that had secluded the Valley of Gold had been! It was a remarkable transformation-such a one as Young Wild West and his friends had never seen before.

After a while the sun came out, and then Wild sug gested that they go back and take a look. As Arietta turned to go with her lover Pearl Face fell back in her arms, limp and lifeless. The poor girl had perished from sheer fright, and that e nded the career of the Indian princess. They were all sorry, 0 course, but there was so much to think about just then that the event was simply one 0 a vast string. They all rode back, and when they climbed one of the patches 0 the cliffs left standing and looked on the other side there was naught but a bed of sand and stones where the Valley 0 Gold had been.

I doubt if we will be believed when we tell the story 0 the Valley 0 Gold. There is not, much more to add to this story, which might seem a bit queer to some of our readers. Earthquakes happen out that way once in a while, too, and sometimes they change the geographical aspect of the country. It is not necessary to state what happened on the way, for it was nothing worth mentioning, anyhow. They all reached the town, and with the golden articles hidden in bags it was easy or them to escape being questioned. The our old soldiers agreed to say nothing of 'their adventures until they got out 0 Arizona, and the day following their arrival in Tucson they set out or the East, taking with them their share 0 the gold.

It was one 0 the most strange adventures that Young Wild West and his friends had ever passed through, and it all came from the Apache Token and the trail that led to the Valley 0 Gold. New York City, and you will receive the copies you order by return mail. Terms to Subscribers. Single Coples One Copy Three Months One Copy Six Months One Copy One Year Postage Free.

Money Order, Check, or Registered Letter; re mittances in e. We accept Postage Ste. Address lette,. Guenther adds: "The great progress in science and industries had created a vast mass of new terms and mat ter largely in excess of what had been estimated at the be ginning. The stoppage is to be greatly regretted, as the want of a new technical dictionary and encyclopredia is ac utely felt by thousands of persons engaged in sc i entific research, in all lines of commerce and produ ction, in literature, journalism, and in the administration of state and municipal government.

It is, howe ve r, satisfactory to note that the exec utive board of the Association of German Engineers has made strenuous ef forts to take up and complete the valuab l e work, and has suc ceeded in obtaining therefor the aid of the federal govern ment of Germany and of the Ministry of Education of the Prussian kingdom. He is traveling in Utah. The tray is seven feet in diameter and is said to be the largest ever executed. It has been in the hands of the silversmiths for over a year. The tray will stand upon a solid silver table of the same size. The weight of the table complete will amount to about a ton.

Milena Sgambelli, a Dalmatian fisher girl, was bathing near Zara with other girls when two sharks rushed into the midst of them. Milena ran to the b each, on which she found an iron rod. Seizing this, she rushed boldly into the water again, striking at the sharks.

She ov erbalanced herself and fell at Uncle Eben-Willie, can you tell me what an entertainment is? Willie-Yes, sir. Letter to a Schoolmaster. Her compana cigar. Young Stonybroke-Ah, yes. You rich chaps can ions dragged Milena out, but she died from loss of blood. The engine has just been completed at the Hohenzollern works at Dusseldorf, and it is of a type designed for shunting in explosive factories. Instead of carrying fire in its own boiler it is filled with steam from stationary boilers, and when so charged is capable of several hours' work.

The first warming up occupies half an hour, and recharging can be done in a quarter of an hour. The apparatus is so simple that an unskilled workman is able to look after it. The absence of fire in a place where dynamite or gunpowder is being handled is the reason for the invention of this type of engine. As there are no labor-saving machines in Corea, women's work is done by the crudest and hardest methods possible, from hulling rice with a heavy wood or stone pestle to wash. In order to iron, the c lo thes must a l ways be ripped apart and wrapped around a wooden roller while damp; they are then beaten by either one or two women.

It is sur prising to see the gloss on the white calico and the sheen upon the line n produced by this method of ironing; it sur passes the dressing one sees in this country on newly bought linen. S ince the people dress exclusively in white, the woman's day-and often much of the night, too-is spent in washing, ironing and sewing. Tramp-Can you assist me along the road, mum? On calling in the forenoon, he said to Donald: "I hope your master's temperature is much lower to-day than it was last night.

Don't bother me! If you don't stop bothering me with your questions you' ll go to b ed "Then does 'transparent' mean a cross parent? The talkative man in the smoking-room was boring the com pany with his reminiscences of the great people he had met. Consul-G eneral Richard Guenther, of Frankfort, notes that "Last week," he said, "I spent a most delightful day with my at the annual meeting of the Association of German Engineers, friend, Lord Broadacres.

The one who asked the question was my fellow traveler, "I secured a good stateroom and remained in it until the on lJoard a fine steamer plying between 'New York and the vessel was dashing down the channel. For a long time we talked together, and she told me that it Seeing that I was waiting for his story, he said, having was her father' s intention to remain away from England a.

OU see is the place where she went ashore, and the waves carried me to the beach, where I was thrown more dead than alive, but I struggled hard for life, and reaching a place of safety sank down to rest. Wrecked on this island Sept. Stranger, let hisashes rest in p eace. Now, iet us go to work. Then was my time to act, and I came from my Place of conceal ment.

Info the grttve I placed his body ; and the n, almost mad dened myself by t h e gold b e fore me, seized a couple of the kegs, and rus h e d down to the sloop with them. I found it, as I h a d expected, unoccupied and a staunc h little c r aft, and, h aving gotte n my treasure on board set sail from the island, anrl withi n a week's time ran into Pensac ola.

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    West Point Military Cadet. New Ya. Simcoe's Rangers. His Mark. Cut out and fill in the following Order Blank and send it to us with the price of the weeklies you want and we will them to you by return mail. Ten-Cent Hand Books Nos. N' ame Street and No Young Wild West is a hero with whom the author was acquainted. His daring deeds and thrilling adventures have never been surpassed. It was g oing to s now. In the part of the country wh e r e our fri e nd s w er e spows t. If a heavy fall of snow s hou l d come now the y would be in a pretty bad p l i ght, s ince they would not be able to get dow n the mountain s ide to the trail, e v e n The treach e rou s of the way woul d b e hidden b y the s now, and this mea n t almo s t certain death o r s eriou s mi shap for any on e w h o tried to go down, they n ot being f ull y familiar with the route As the s un neared the line of the west ern horizon it becam e l o s t beh i n d a bank of li ghtgray cloud s T he ba n k then s pread u ntil th,e whol e s ky was obs c u red and the col d i n creased.

    The India n s h a d not showed them s elves s ince they went away, and this was a little en c oura gin g Bu t i t wou, ld hardl y be safe for an y of the m to ventur e out w hil e the dayli ght la ste d s o the y d e cided t o s tick to w hat t hey h a d fir s t a g reed u pon which was to wait until d a r k ness, a n d then Char li e and Jim wou ld s trike out a nd see w h a t t hey coul d do. The bear m eat they had brou ght up the mount a in was t h oroughly c old now, s o whe n the scout hin te d tha t h e woul d like some of it forhis s upp e r Win g lo st no tim e in c u tting off som e s lices.

    In a littl e while the odor of broi l in g bear meat and coffee became waft e d on the bre e z e, and it mad e a combi nation that would have been v e r y ag reeable to a hung r y pe r s on if one h a d come a l ong jus t the n In s pite of the fact that Wil d was missin g they all ate q ui te heart il y Bu t they k new i t was necessary to eat i f 'th ey wis hed t o k eep t h emselves in prop e r s hape Jus t as the mea l was finished a few flak e s of s now w e re seen fallin g "She's c o min!

    Aire yer r e ad y? The y a ll heard the s hootin g a s Charli e and t h e cowboy mad e their escap e but aft e r that a ll was in s ile nce. But whe n hi s was c alled to the priso ner l y in g by the fire he utte r e d an exclamation of joy "It i s Youn g Wild h e cri ed, a s he l ea ned ove r and took a good look.

    Spot te d W o lf ;knows the pa l efac e buy U gh! M e fee l fin e Youn g Wild West w ill die in the fire when the darkness c o mes. His fles h a n d bones will he l p kind l e the flame that li ghts up the nig h t. The pal e face mu s t die, if Spotte d Wolf get s a rope a round hi s neck for it. S potte d Wolf looked a t h e r in amaz e m ent. Youn g Wild Wes t mu s t n ot be harm ed! The paleface maiden will' covered with a big skin.

    Silv e r Stre am wilf no lon ge r stay with her father, m ove, and then a pair of f e et were behind the who has made war on the p a lefaces! This was mu s ic in the of the fair captive. The s cout paused and wat c hed. They had s uc c essfully eluded the two red s kin s who had been l eft to watch the camp, a s the falling s now had aided them.

    A s they :fina lly came in s i ght of the Indian camp and saw the big bun c h o f cedar s that had been e rect e d to form a shelter for the br a ves, the s cout gave a nod of s atisfac tion. A s he s ueceed e d in getting behind the tree Charlie whispered: "I'm right here, Wild! Charli e followed him, ready to shoot at the least sign o'i da.

    Another s la s h and he had a Vs haped opening. He thrus t in his head and found both. But whethe r it kin be him or "Silver Stream will go, too," an s w e r e d the squ! How s um e ver I'll :find fore Su s i e could find word s to make a reply. Come on! Now i s the time. Wild West was a pri s oner. The n h e s aid, in guttural tone s : "Me0mak ee. Spotted Wolf has Wild a llee sam ee gittee 'way m e m akee bigg e e fireclacker i:;poken. A llee samee set um c e dar tlees on fir e an' makee 'fhis was pla i nly heard by our friend s and every on e nicee lille e blazee.

    The red s kin s are shivering about the the s pot. I caped his lips. They were not in the habit of getting cigf! It so h appe ned that the chie f had about all the tobacco Jim saw Wild and Charlie making off with the two there was in the camp, too, and this made them mor e. The n h e invited them to accept a light, which they did'Bang! J "Ve ll y cold;" he s aid, a s he dr e w hi s coat tigh tly 'rhere was a loud explosion and the cedars were scat him and adjusted hi s queue, s o it would not fa ll down tered. Me lun away fl. But Hop acted hi s part so well that way.

    Me allee samee git tee catchee! Hop will see ter that. He ain't Wild and Charlie had not been gone long when she ther ga l oot as stays in an Injurr c1amp very long If they arose and wrapped her blanket about her ,. Just' then a shot sounded and a bullet whizzed over the "You stay here, Silver Stream. If Young Wild Wes t h eads of the cowboy and his sweetheart, who were partly don't come back in an hour then you can go look for him, exposed to the view of the waiting Indians and I will go with you.

    Jest keep yot1r head low, "No, I am not afr3;icl," Arietta replied. S usie. Silver Stream sat down "And you, too, Jack," was the reply "I will do as the paleface maiden says," she said. It's you what has got ter be care -But let us follow our hero and the scout. You've been through enough ter last yer ther rest The two used the greatest of caution in leaving the o f your lifetime now, an' we want ter git back to yonr camp, for they knew that the redskins were gathered near father's ranch an' have ther weddin' over with at hand and that they were watching closely Silver Stream was sitting close to Anna and Eloise, But it was comparatively easy ;for the two to fool them, and as she listened to this cpnversation her eyes grew since the snow was a great help to them misty They got past the redskins and then proceeded on their "It very nice to be loved," she ventured, looking at way to the Sioux camp, pausing now and then to listen.

    Anna saw that she had made a mistake, so she said no Hop must be saved. She now went over to where Arietta was crouching, a rifle in her hands After an interval of about ten minutes a volley was fired and the bullets flattened against the rocks Charlie and Poker Jack fired the flashes came from, but there was nothing heard to indicate that they had been anv more successful than had the redskins.

    The snow. Wild began to grow uneasy about flop, not so much as to his being -in danger of peing slain by the Indians as to the possibility of his makmg his escape and getting lost in the snow. He's got too many good pornts about him fur that. We'll go then. It is a shame to leave him there And, another thing, he might get away from them and then 1 lose his way in the snow. Come on. I reckon we can get past the redskins all right The two quickly got ready to leave I 'rhat was the whole thing in a Creeping up close to the tepee that had been left vacant by the White Girl Captive and Silver Stream, they got down behind a clump of bushes anl waited.

    The drifting snow had about covered their tracks, so there was no danger of them being tracked to the spoL It was now getLing bitter cold, and it was anything but a pleasant prospect they had before them. But Wild and ChaTlie were used to hardships, s o they did not mind it half as much as the average per s on would have. They took a look at the scene before them. The Indians had managed to extinguislt th e burning cedars, and some of them were putting them s h4pc again, so they would afford them s helter ftom the s torm. Hop was sitting close to the big fir e a brave on eitlter side of him, and all three were smoking cigars.

    This sight caused the scout to chuckle. He had brought them alJ back with him, having aban doned the idea of figJiting the paleface;; for the present. The old chi e f app e ared much dejecte d, and the re was good rea s on for it. Ile ha. It was about time for him to wis h him self out of it. When h e saw the Chinaman sitting before the fire in s uch a cont ente d way Spotte d Wolf was amazed "Ugh h e e x c laim e d, putting on a fierce look.

    Possibly h e had thou ght that it mi ght b e a long time b e for e h e got any mor e so he h a d s aved the little that he now tend e r e d to the Siou x chie f Spotted Wolf took the flask uncork e d it and placed it to his no se. Then the vestige of a s mil e cro sse d his p ainted vi s a g e, and, tipping the fla s k, h e qui c kl y g ulp e d clown the c on tents.

    The two b r av es looked di s may e d when t hey saw this for it was evident that lliey would hav e swallow e d the whi s ky if they had known it w as on the pers on of the China man. But it was far better that Hop had sa v e d it until now, for the drink had the effect of greatly s oftenin g the f e el ings of Spotted Wolf "Chinee heap much smart; bring fir e wat e r to Spotte d Wolf," he said "Me a ll ee s am e e v ell y muc hee smartee, s o b e,' Hop answered.

    Wild and Charlie moved around s o the y w e re directly back of the tepe e of the chief. It was just then that Spotted Wolf took t he Chinaman by the arm and conducted him insid e Our two friends got right clo se to the tepee and lis tened. He found se v e ral things that were puzzle s to him, but there was no more whi s ky. I The howlin g of t h e storm ai de! S p otte d W olf, was h a ndlin g a p e culi a r-lo oking obj ect, which wns no oih e r thari a pow erful e x plo s i v e tha t was of H op's o wn m a nufa cture, wh e n a revol v er was suddenly thr nst ri ght u n d e r his no se Mak e j n s t o n e little s ound, Spotted Wolf, and you will b e a dead reds k in!

    The r e w as no getting out of it, for the villainou s Sioux l e a de r r ecog nized t h e face of his ,hated e n e m y Young Wild I.

    Wild West Picture Library

    Chinaman r e li e v e d him of hi s w eap on s Now tie him up with his own rop e, Hop. In a v e r y short time he had him a s h e lpl ess as a new born bab e "Now, s tuff s om ething in his mouth and tie it there, Hop. They h eard nothing as t h e y w ent, and wh e n the y had reached a s afe di s tance they conclu de d that Hop h a d made a good job of it wh e n h e bound and gagged t h e ol d chief.

    They reached the c amp mu c h s oon e r tha n thos e wait ing for them exp e cted the y would and t h e n the r e was a little rejoicing But there was one there who did not seem to b e happy. It was Silver Stream. She perni s ted in going, so they allowed her to depart The rest were of the same opinion as our hero, cf The sun c ame out and shone upon the glittering white "We've got ter lick ther measly coyot e s so bad that ness that was all around them. It won' t b e s uch a hard aft e r he had thought for a minute or two. But I am a fraid old Spotted Wolf will never exercis e to work up an app e t i t e for the tough b e ar meat be caught and hanged for his many crinles, though we are going to have for breakfa st.

    If he gets shot really tou g h or onl y a littl e bit that way. The old chief is the "Never mind about tha t, Jim, was the retort. It don't which way to turn. Yer don't need no grimly "I guess I know what ter do now! Yip, yip, yip! The cowboy yell echoed over the inountainside, and But a s he took a clos e look he di s tinguished the form heaFing it, the Sioux braves leaped to their feet and seized of Silver Stream s tandin g in front of her tepee.

    I ate. But Spotted Wolf was lying pretty close. He was not feeling very well that morning, anyhow, since he had laid in the tepee in the cold nearly two hours t he night before, until one of his braves happened to discover hi s plight The app e arance of the p::i. The black sands, ind eed, are a wonderfully complex mixture.

    Single Coples One Copy Three nonths One Copy Six nonths One Copy One Year Postage Free. Money Order, Check, or Reg i stered Letter; r e m i t tance s in ii. JJ Ur name and add. Slag fro m furnaces i s n o longer an incumbrance to the s m elte r. Tiles and bottles can be made from it, and it is a component part of s o me cements In the earlier days of coke-ma "king the' by product gas, 8, cubic feet for each ton of coke, was l ost. In it is held, as an im-p u r ity, the metal thorium, which is now in demand at a high price, "being used to give a better color to incandescent mante l s of gaslights.

    It gets its name from the exceeding l y tantalizing way in which the metal derived from it, tantalu m, eluded the chemists who first tried to separate it from ore. Tantalu m, which is very hard, rust proof and with an extremely high melting po i1;1. It can be drawn into wire as fine as a spider's web. Found a l so in the b lack sands is zircon, w h ich is used i n the manufacture of the incandescent cylinders for the Nernst glow light. Ambng other minerals they contain are co lumnbite, olivine, and garnet, not to mention magnetic iron ore in large quantities.

    This iron is being substituted for carbon in the sticks of arc lights, burning one hundred and fifty hours, instead of a single night. Forty b illion cubic feet was wasted before it was made marke t ab le. Gas iron blast furnaces is now used to heat the furnaces, then burned, mixed with air. Ammonia is made f rom r efuse from gas works, while America may n ome day be driven to the economy of Paris, where 2,2of tons of refuse, I tell you the dog does not belong to me "Then why does are taken dail y from the city cesspools to be made into am-he follow you?

    You are following me and mania. I n the great economy of nature nothing should be lost, you do not belong to me and from t h e refuse of a great city may come the ammonia that is a base for perft imes a. Stock-Go you' "Now I lay me down to sleep," etc. All t h e h oney bees in this coun'try having originall y been Bond astonished -Well, here's your fiver-I didn' t thinlt fro m Europe or Asia, there is no racial difference y ou knew it.

    S paint is a sp l endid invention. Benedick-We paint the reverted to a state of nature. Just when the Germans came i8 i n d o ubt, but it was some time in the seven teen t h ce n t ury; certainly it was not until near the c l ose of the ei g h tee n t h c e n t ury t hat any bees were found west of the Mis"I was rid ing in a street car the other day," said a friend "A boy began to laugh, and laughed so he couldn't stop.

    I to l d his mother that boy nee d ed a spanking. She said she didn't believe in spanking him on a f u ll stomach I said: si ss i ppi. The I nd i a n s used to say they cou l d mark the advance 'Neither do I; turn h i m over. The '"' Italian b ees were first imported in 1 A lad y farmer planted a garden She was ve r y proud of her prospect i ve peas, but when her husband asked if they were ripe she said: "Oh, they haven't come up yet.

    Why, the season's nearl y over. A friend, entering the office the other black sands of C a li fornia a n d Oregon is the most important day, observed on the desk a cheap a larm c l ock. I have not p urchased t hat c l ock for the reasand s in question has revealed paying quantities of a n u m 1 son y ou mention. I keep it her e t o wake m e whe n it's time t ber of rare mine r a l s hit herto d eeme d worth less, w h ich within go home. We were working up the GuH of Bengal, after a long run from Liverpool, in a leaky and short-handed old brig called the Plover, when our water gave out to lhe last quart.

    We were hoisting out the last cask when some of the tackle broke, and it fell with a smash, and there we were, thirty miles to the west of the northernmost point of Sumatra, with hardly enough water aboard to dampen a man's tongue. I am writing of the days before Plimsol and other British humanitarians entered the ring to fight for sailors' rights. We had come out deeply loaded, one man short, and with such grub as would breed a mutiny in twenty-four hours to-day. I was chief mate of the Plover, and while I could not openly sympathize with the crew, nor openly condemn the owners for their avarice, I endeavored to alleviate the situation by refusing to work the men except when work was a necessit;:.

    When the accident happened which deprived us of our last gill of water, the captain was for standing until we could signal some vessel and secure a cask, but after we had talked the matter over he concluded, especially as the wind was fair, to run for Banjo Island. This is the southernmost island of the Andaman group, and no matter what the name on lhe maps and charts, it has been known as Banjo Island to all sailors for the last half century.

    At that time we did not know whether it was inhabited or not, but had reason to believe that we could procure fresh water there. It was in the afternoon that we ran short of water. It was after nine o'clock next morning when we came to anchor in a small bay on the west side of Banjo Island, about half a mile from the shore. We fired off a musket half a dozen times, got two casks overboard, and then waited to see if the natives would not come out to us.

    The promise of three or four ship's spikes would have induced a score of natives to fill the casks. After an hour's waiting no one had appeared, and the musket on my shoulder, I walked along the narrow beach for about a hundred yards, hoping to get a shot at game of some sort. After going about this distance I found an opening by which I could enter the forest.

    It seemed lo be an old path. Had it been hard-beaten, or had there been signs that it had lately been traveled, I should have hesitated to advance. The two sailors were laughing and joking as they filled the cask, the woods echoing the notes of birds, and I had come to the conclusion that the island was uninhabited by man.

    I had entered the forest perhaps three hundred feet, and had my eyes on the watch ahead, when I felt a crash, everything turn-d dark, and the next thing I! I had been carried some distance while insens ible, for I was now in a dell or glade. I had received a blow on the head with a club, and ru:1 senses came back s lowly I had no more than fully compre hended what had occurred when the two sailors, with all the stuff from the boat, were brought in. The men had their hands tied behind their backs, and though neither had been hurt they were very much frightened.

    I now made a count of natives and it footed up twenty-seven. They were Malays, bred and born, and were armed with cree s es, blow-guns, and spears I had been knocked over without seeing a native. Later on they had stolen u pon the sailors so quietly that their presence was unsuspected until they sprang out of the forest and made the men prisoners. If the incident had been observed from the brig, no outcry had been made by those on board. The men had just been brought up, when the leader of the Malays gave me a couple of kicks as a hint that we must be moving, and at the same time he cut the cords which bound my ankles and jerked me to my feel.

    I was still groggy from the effects of the blow, and my head swam as we pushed into the woods and hurried along as if the fellows expected pursuit. We did not go more than a couple of miles, however, before we came to a village, and that was the end of our journey. The place contained about thirty huts, which were occupied by the men who captured us. I saw about twenty women and children, but they were not allowed to come near us, and we captain concluded that the island was not inhabited.

    I was in-were hustled into a hut almost as soon as we entered the town. A careful survey of the beach with sengers, while those who remained gathered around a small the ship's glass had located a spot where a fresh-water stream fire in an open place directly in front of our hut. They had seemed to empty into. As the boat was lowered away the captain gestured and jabbered like so many women. They knew what "Mr. Jordan, I've heard that the natives. While this place seems to be clear of them, they may and it was certain they were highly pleased with the trinkets.

    You had best take a couI had received a cruel blow, which had given me a bad ple of muskets along for use in case you are attacked, and scalp wound and covered me with blood. My head throbbed we'll throw some things into the boat for barter, if they are and ached until I cared little what was going on, but the men friendly and want to trade.

    On "Mr. Jordon, the fellows who went away on the run have the way ashore I overhauled the stuff, however, a:Q. These chaps evidently think the brig is a dozen iron hoops, eight spikes, and a lot of trinkets. There a trader, and loaded with muskets and trinkets, and as soon as was no fixed ammunition for the muskets, but some of the men reinforcements arrive they'll make an attempt to capture her. I loaded the left. A dozen natives could put off in our yawl and capture muskets on the way in, and had hardly finished when we were the brig without the loss of a man. There was a mat coverat the beach.

    As there was no surf, we ran the boat up on the ing the doorway of our hut, but no guard outside. The whole sand to the right of a small rivulet, which cut its way through crowd was so near that there was no need of a sentry. I was the beach to the sea. The glass had not deceived us. Here standing beside the men, looking through a crevice between was fresh water, and here we could fill the cask without trou-the bamboos, when the natives drew: closer together to examble.

    I set the men at this latter task, and stepped ashore. Tile ine something in the box. It might have been a bullet or a islftnd was heavily timbered, and the luxuriant growth of vines button. Whatever it was, their curiosity was highly excited, and creepers extended quite down to the narrow strip of land. Did he roast me? Well, say! He'::; an old p eac h to talk about wastin' time.

    I muskets had not yet died away when one of them shouted: don't go out to my lunch an' say I'll be back in ten min" Now's our time Out we go! An' when I Our hands were tied in front of u s. The two men went out come back from my lunch my face ain't no redder nor my ahead of me, and I fell down as I cleared the hut. I wa s up talk any t hicker than it was afore I went out.

    He ought to in a coup l e of seconds, however, and a s I pushed my way git on water w ago n. I suppose a round gotter u s e n i ce langw itch. I s'pose he thinks it was nice dozen of them were burned by the powder, and perhaps one langwitch h e was usin' when that book agent got in to see or two of them were killed or wounded by the muskets.

    I him the other mornin'. I be t if I talked like that they'd no sooner clear of the cloud than I was a l so c lear of t h e me to the reform sc hool but it's all right for him. Then village, and as I ran for our boat I tugged at my bonds and he b lames it on to me, an' h e g ive s me a nice perlite goin' l oosened them. In a minute or cwo I had my hands free, and over. Do you think you're an His wrists were tie d with a bark rope, and I h ad it clear in ornyment to the orfis? The other man we neither saw nor heard.

    The s a ys: 'He didn't have no book agent sign on him," I natives were still yelling and whooping, and we had a start of 'an J didn't have time ter telerphone fer t h e perlice before two or three minutes. Sailors are not suppose d to be good he broke in,' I says. I thought h e was a frien' o' yours, tl19 runners, but the way the pair of us tore through the woods way he acted. We struck ''Then. J;Ie pays me big wages, he does. He' ll bust hl sselt l e f t her, with nothing gone but the muskets and trinkets, ancl payin' me wages.

    As far as bein an ornyment goes, I s'pose in two minutes more we were afloat. We had a close shave of he thinks h e's a hot old decoration, with his bottle nose an' it on both sides of u s. The captain had suspected what was his bandy legs. Oh, yes, he's a nice man to work fer. Fortunatel y for us, 1 on the end o' my pants li ke them I seen in a book my th ey had taken up the pursuit in s uch haste that they were i e r give me wun st. The other sailor must have taken a con'ud g i ve me an intrust in t h e business.

    It's all my fault. H e' d be a ,good man to work fer if he got the right kind o' boy," said Jimmy. If some H e jest thinks that he' s all right, that's all," continued Jimmy. He comes in an' he says to me, 'What are you a-doin' that fer, you young limb? You don't never see me a-doin' that. I'd like to see him a-balancin' a feather duster on his nose an' jugglin' a coup l e o' rubber stamps at the same time.

    An' whistle! He couldn't carry a tune to s-ave his derned old red neck. The army has its regular corps of them, kept at the commissary depots of the great cities, and eac h draws regular pay equal to eighteen dollars and twenty-five cents a year. It i s customary for the officer in charge of eac h depot to s ubmi t to the War De partment a request for an allowance for so many cats, and the regulations provide that meat shall be purchased for them at a price not greater than five cents a pound, to which a stated quantity of can n e d milk i s added for variety.

    Ex periment has s ho w n that no matter how excellent a hunter a cat may be, nor how abundant the mice, nocat. Several sport weather-beaten cowboy hats, adding to the Wild West aesthetic. Nodding slowly, I take a gulp of my beer, my eyes fixed on the cosmic carpet rolled out across the night sky. David Leffler is a Texas-based journalist and travel writer focused on environmental, political and social issues. He'll go anywhere there's a mountain to climb or a river to canoe. Contributors About Subscribe.

    Ghost towns and cosmic cowboys: Welcome to wild west Texas. David Leffler September 14, The gigantic canyon walls of Santa Elena, Texas. Photo: Austin Alvarado. Photos: Patrick Thrash. Photos: Kyle Obermann. Terlingua remained abandoned for roughly 30 years until a motley crew of hippies, outdoorsy types and eccentrics looking to get off the grid gradually resettled here. David Leffler. John Malathronas.

    Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak
    Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak
    Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak
    Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak
    Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak
    Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak
    Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak Wild West Weekly - Fools Peak

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