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Because obviously, T-Pain is very good at making a catchy song, Katy Perry's very good at making a catchy song.

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I feel like there's some phrases and breakdowns in this song that sound like some other fun pop stuff out there right now. So what, did you have a playlist of who you wanted this to sound like? Oh yeah. I got real deep into it. I listen to what I listen to, but I also don't venture too far out of that. But actually listening to a lot of these pop songs for inspiration, I realized actually how difficult it was to put them together and how well executed and produced they were.

I went down that rabbit hole 'cause I was like, "Oh yeah. There's something about this that's really perfect and kind of bubble gummy in a little creepy way," which was perfect tonally. And I knew Dillon through a friend of ours, so I reached out to him and I talked to him for a while about it.

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We weren't sure what we wanted. The town is chasing them and we're creeped out by the song. For the story, we needed it to be a fun, just super all-out party pop song that a young girl would enjoy. So the question was "How do we make this less annoying to listen to? But it's sort of on the border. I feel like I'm gonna listen to it, but then I could also use it to drive people crazy. Yeah, exactly. And that's what it's for.

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And when That Girl Lay Lay, when we heard her, immediately we knew. It was my annoying voice rapping over this song, and so we couldn't really hear the possibilities. And it really is this little girl's world.

So we thought about young rappers or singers we could bring in. And our music supervisor, Kier Lehman, found Lay Lay. I think she had been on Ellen. And so credit to her.

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I wrote maybe a hundred different verses for this thing. We threw them out and she freestyled. And so Lay Lay, in the end, wrote a big chunk of that song. I find myself, more than anything, rapping her verses. Do you have any advice for getting a song out of your head? You know the movie It Followed? For instance earlier this year we had a homecoming service at York Minster for the soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

We had to choose music that gave thanks for what the troops had achieved as well as honouring those who had fallen. BBC iWonder. Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. Transcript PDF Kb. How the song was written The story of the song begins behind the scenes of the London Hippodrome Theatre early in The story of the song's success How did a song abandoned in a drawer labelled 'duds' go on to become an international success?

WW1's forgotten composers. Is music still important for soldiers today? Keith Bates, former Army Captain For me, music is something you use during your downtime — when you get the chance to lie on your bunk and have a quiet, reflective space.

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Jonathan Gough, Senior Army Chaplain Singing during services enables soldiers to be part of a shared experience. How war inspired a generation of musicians, artists and writers. Gareth Malone unpacks the key elements that made this song such a success.

On the Western Front, marching bands were sent to accompany the troops. Soldiers would regularly put on concert parties and almost every division had its own entertainment troop. In the long periods of waiting between battles, songs played an important role in staving off boredom and boosting morale. The songs united people in a shared experience whether they were at home, on the Western Front or stationed further afield.

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We've seen that music played a central role for soldiers in WW1. But years later, does it still have the same importance?

How did Pack Up Your Troubles become the viral hit of WW1?

Our organisation puts on entertainment shows for troops on operations. Our main reason is to boost morale. Music can transcend national, age and gender boundaries. It uplifts people and takes them away from the moment they are in. This message comes through the music.

For me, music is something you use during your downtime — when you get the chance to lie on your bunk and have a quiet, reflective space.

This Song This Song
This Song This Song
This Song This Song
This Song This Song
This Song This Song
This Song This Song
This Song This Song
This Song This Song
This Song

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