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More filters. Sort order. This is a short collection of stories set in the Abyss Walker world. The stories are each stand alone, but still very much in the same world, and in at least one case carrying a character over. There is not much to say without completely spoiling things, but I will mention that I think my favorite story is the shortest one in the collection and it is told from the first person point of view of an enchanted arrow. That's not something you read every day! Oct 18, Samuel Rikard rated it it was amazing. A great collection of short stories from the Abyss Walker world.

Some were graphic, while others were methodical. But all of them were amazing. If you'd like a deeper knowledge of Terrigan, read this book.

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Jul 06, Benjamin rated it really liked it. This a fun collection about characters from many of the evil races of fantasy, like an orc, a giant, and a few others. Many of the stories are written with such fun voices that it's hard to put down. Joe rated it did not like it May 27, Chris rated it really liked it Jul 05, Tracy rated it it was amazing May 22, Michael Fry rated it really liked it Nov 04, Jennifer Sights rated it really liked it Feb 03, Steven Tibbs rated it it was amazing Jun 04, Peter Hansen marked it as to-read May 30, Kmack85 added it Sep 06, Jeff marked it as to-read Feb 22, Kemy marked it as to-read Aug 07, CrimsonFlamez marked it as to-read Dec 29, Cara's Craftsations added it Dec 31, K Squared marked it as to-read Jan 30, Sena is currently reading it Feb 23, Kim marked it as to-read Mar 07, Kylie marked it as to-read Aug 13, Gazmend Kryeziu marked it as to-read Oct 08, Katie marked it as to-read Jan 28, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Short Stories. The categories are abstract and the more fluidly you are willing to apply them, the more useful they become to understanding the relationships between cards. An opponent plays a Delver on Turn 1 and it eats a Bolt. Not every card we put onto the stack allows us to run away with the game.

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The card we put onto the stack that does run away with the game is that one an opponent cannot reasonably trade with at the time. In most contested games, players make trades until somebody cannot make good exchanges. Cards function as Time Walk s when they advance you further into your plan more quickly than an opponent can trade. While these cards tend to be associated with card advantage, it cannot be understated the amount of tempo they generate against aggressive decks.

Remand also has the nasty ability to function as a Time Walk in blue combo and combo-control decks. Try again next turn. Cheap interaction, such as removal or permission, is a great way to generate tempo advantage and impacts how the game will play out. The more awkward it is for an opponent to deal with your pressure, the more tempo can be seized, and the advantage of tempo quickly translates to more tangible advantages. This category of cards that protects us like a Moat around a castle from opposing threats.

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The card Moat invalidates all non-flying creatures but also invalidates future non fliers drawn from the deck as long as it remains in play. Some decks play precisely one way to win the game and Extracting that card essentially hamstrings the entire strategy. Extracting a deck with one win condition is a hard lock, whereas Extracting a Zoo deck is foolish. Standard is less defined by Moats than older formats, but they still play a role.

They are also difficult for a Simic deck to remove once resolved. Effective and resilient is the high watermark of an ideal sideboard card. An opponent can only take 10 so many times before they either die or start chump blocking away resources. Your life total is a resource. When your opponent deals damage to you, they are taxing one of your resources. Sometimes mana is what matters. Sometimes cards are what matters.

Sometimes a Moat is what matters. But it is a resource and it does matter. Planeswalkers are a great example of Abysses, since if unanswered they continue to generate resource advantage for your cause. Some cards fill multiple roles— Tarmogoyf is a great example as a competitive card because it can potentially fill all three roles. The point of the exercise is to learn to identify what role specific cards play from one matchup to another and evaluate how effective each card is at doing its job.

Identifying cards that are effective or ineffective at filling the role they will play is among the most useful information in the game.

A walk into the abyss of the people

In Vintage, there are only two realistic ways to defeat Dredge. Dredge is extremely adept at generating its own flavor of Time Walks in the form of free S. Stuff Dredge Always Gets. The most effective foil to a linear deck like Dredge is via strategic Moats, in this case graveyard hate. After sideboard, the most impactful and important interaction will revolve around whether a graveyard hate card is deployed or not, and then whether the Dredge player can remove it.

Not only will it always matter, it will always matter a lot. In the abstract, this is how all sideboarding works, but on a much, much less compressed level. There are few cards that impact other decks as dramatically as Leyline impacts a Dredge player on turn zero. The more clearly you can identify which cards matter and why, the better your sideboarding packages can become. What matters against a bomb rare equipment?


What matters against a go-wide Token aggro deck? Not getting run over and not giving them infinite time to find Overrun. There are functional reprints of these types of cards at common in virtually every Limited format and these maneuvers are as basic as they are effective. Do they have something you really want to Shatter?

A Walk In The Abyss A Walk In The Abyss
A Walk In The Abyss A Walk In The Abyss
A Walk In The Abyss A Walk In The Abyss
A Walk In The Abyss A Walk In The Abyss
A Walk In The Abyss A Walk In The Abyss
A Walk In The Abyss A Walk In The Abyss
A Walk In The Abyss A Walk In The Abyss
A Walk In The Abyss A Walk In The Abyss

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