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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Arc provided by Netgalley. I liked this book, but less than the previous one. Since I reread the first book just before starting this one, I think that the flaws in the writing were highlighted and more difficult for me to ignore. One of the biggest problems I had is the alternance of POV between Juliana and Thomas, which happens every few paragraphs.

We hear both their thoughts about almost everyone of their interactions, which is repetitive and makes their misunderstandings even more annoying. Indeed, like in the last book, the romance is the weak point of the story for me. After what happened in the last book, I would have thought that they were past misunderstandings and that they would finally have a talk, rather than having Thomas having to "take care of things" and Juliana thinking he is avoiding her. Fortunately, the discussion still happens, if not between the two books, at least during this one, but I do really hope the author will find another way to create drama in the next book.

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Their misunderstandings do not so much concerned important things than almost every replies of their discussions; Thomas keep trying to protect her, take care of her and take decision for her despite knowing how she hates that and Juliana keep getting excessively offended and misunderstanding his intentions. I know that they changed a lot during the years they were separated, but I would still expect people in love and married to have known each other better.

As for the plot, I found it interesting. Unfortunately I guessed who the killer was as soon as he was introduced. I don't know if it was wanted by the author, but because of that I was a bit annoyed at Juliana for ignoring all the little hints and what for me was obvious. Also, this is a police case with a dozen of missing children that quickly become a serial killer case and, paranormal or not, I don't think that the way the police and government handle the case is really credible.

However I manage to get over my annoyance to enjoy the story and the further revelations we get about the world. The characters are the same as in the last book, with Juliana and Thomas in the centre, then their family and co-workers. However, apart from Jeremiah, those characters play a less important role and are replaced by new secondary characters: a police officer, Taft, and Wardens sent by Thomas to collaborate with Juliana on the case.

The Wardens are interesting and I'd like to learn more about them in the next book.

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This series is still interesting and I will read the next one, but I hope that there will not be as much misunderstanding and quarrelling between Juliana and Thomas in it. It was well written and it had an exciting pace. Collins did a wonderful job with the world building but what hooked me was the mystery that needed solving and the romance between the protagonists. Julianna has yet to talk to Thomas and still unsure of where their relationship stands.

However, by the end of this book, Ms. Collins gives them a more definitive relationship. I am impressed with how subtle Ms. Collins brought them back together. There was nothing instant to their rekindling which made it so easy to believe and fall in love right along with them. Now that Thomas is back for good, it was just a matter of time that Julianna comes to terms on how they really feel for each other. This is what I love about immortal romace.

So dramatic I know, but oh, so romantic. I just adored Thomas and how he treated Julianna. Collins solidified the world building a bit more. I am in awe on how strong she is, not just physically but mentally. But I guess, a more fitting question is how many lives does this girl have?

One after the next incident, she continues to get up and continue to fight another day. I have to say though; she has a little bit of help from another male. Although if you read Realm Walker, you can probably guess who it is. I love that Ms. Collins hooked me to the case Julianna was working on. The mystery of whom The Thief was actually surprised me.

The twist and turns of the story certainly swayed me away from who the real perpetrator really is. Bottom line though is that I enjoyed this book a great deal. Review copy provided by publisher View all 3 comments. Dec 31, Feminista rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , urban-fantasy. Rating: 4. This is definitely an urban fantasy series I want to continue! I only wish I had read the first book before reading this one. Juliana Norris is a Realm Walker called to help investigate a number of missing children who are hybrids: half human and half Altered. In a race against time to find as many alive children as possible, this novel demonstrates a great mixture of urban fantasy, romance and suspense with plot twists to keep you intrigued.

Juliana Norris is everything I lik Rating: 4. Juliana Norris is everything I like in an UF character. Strong, kickass and independent. She also has a mate who would die for her. Albeit their history is a bit rocky and I think I would have understood better had I read the earlier book, in this book, the both prove just how good they are together. There is nothing I love more than a strong UF heroine with a mate is utterly and completely in love with her and would do anything for her. Sep 25, Donna rated it it was amazing. Death's Daughter the second in the Realm Walker series is as good if not better than the first.

This story twisted me up and spat me out but left me in a much better place than the first book. Take a police drama and mash it with a paranormal romance and mix in a bit of urban fantasy and you have Death's Daughter. Juliana Norris is a one woman, magical CSI lab, able to sense traces of magic and Altered ancestry with a single, glowing glance. When pushed to her limit, however, as she is by the kidnapping and murder of these children, she has to dole out her strength, balancing magical information against the debilitating headaches that make her worthless as an investigator.

Though a minor part of the story, I liked this push pull, as it gives Juliana time to show off her more mundane investigation skills. Her vampire mate is very much present for this investigation as well, but as this is my first Realm Walker book, it took me a little while to catch up on their romance. Sexual Content : Sex scene, references to rape. Mar 26, JadeShea rated it really liked it Shelves: cops-military-p-i-security , kickass-heroine , werewolves , reviewed , crimedrama-suspense-thriller , library , paranormal , vampires , witch-spellcaster-mage , 4stars-good.

Juliana is having some issues. There is this huge case going on, but because of politics she isn't able to be a part of it. Not only that, but she has to deal with her boss being a major jerk, and her mate isn't speaking to her. She's unsure what to do next, but when more children go missing she won't have a choice but to join in on the case. This book was a lot better than the first one. The mystery in it was just awesome!

I loved that, and I really liked the relationship between Juliana and Th Juliana is having some issues. I loved that, and I really liked the relationship between Juliana and Thomas as well. And a lot of secrets came out, but I was really sad about the ending. That was not cool. Other than that I look forward to more.

Mar 10, Claudia rated it really liked it Shelves: review-to-write , urban-fantasy. This was a 5 star book till the third to last chapter There were three incidents which could or should have had a really Big emotional impact But Mrs. Collins did Not really use it that way.

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Review to come. Jun 01, Azeza rated it it was ok. I was also irritated by the bad choosing of names. The killer was killed the Thief. Well, you go for thinking of that. Juliana worked at the Agency. James is head of the Gathering. And Thomas is a Warden for the Council. Jesus Christ. By just using capital letters for normal words, you aren't giving names! And everyone agrees with Juliana the whole time, but most of the time she is not reasonable.

She fainted when confronted with Raoul, because she overextended herself. Nobody actually wins in that situation. So when they would supposedly see the THIEF at the fair, Juliana would faint again, because she's blooding through all her pores. She's just not that bright. SHE brought Taft to Sara's home, she did not think it through. Because of her Sara's dead. But no, James does not blame Juliana for that.

No, by god, nobody can blame Juliana for anything, because she is soooo awesome and gorgeous and soo intelligent. And Thomas doesn't even grieve for his sibling. He is there to comfort Juliana of course. Ben's right to fire her, she never follows protocol. I would not want someone working for me, if she never listens to her superiors. Her superior may be wrong, but she'll just have to take it to someone higher up then. And now the romance with Thomas. I do not like Thomas, he is too controlling, does not have any humor and simply no character.

All that we know is that he loves Juliana.

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That is what defines him as a character. Constantly thinking about her, raging for her, jealous of the people that also hold a piece of her heart. How could anyone be with someone like that? Thomas was reduced to a 2D character. A name on a page.

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  6. Never coming to life in my eyes. Juliana is not a female heroine I can relate to. She doesn't think things through and Collins is writing the whole book as a serenade to how awesome she is. Every character in the book is there so Juliana can look awesome. I want to end my review with a comment on the plot. The killer practically revealed himself to Juliana, not even thinking about the consequences for kidnapping an officer which would be so unlike him, he made sure in all his crime scenes that he could not be caught, why the hell would he risk that?

    Joya never figured it out, until it was pressed in her face. We went through all her investigative work, to only be handed the killer. The plot just wasn't satisfactory. By making Juliana like the ghoul, we could eliminate him from our suspect list. I never thought he was the killer. Collins never convinced me. But she put a spotlight on Taft. The detective that never came up with anything for the research, no, Juliana did everything. With Taft yelling that he knew she would figure it out. Taft looking for a fight with Thomas. With everyone not trusting Taft.

    Hello, could it be more obvious? Sure, if you've never read a detective novel, maybe it would have taken you a bit longer to figure it out, but you would not have been surprised when it was revealed that he was the man that is called a lousy name. Sep 11, Sapphyria rated it really liked it. She has a gift that allows her to see the signatures of the various Altered that walk among the humans for tracking purposes and and uncanny ability to spring back to life after being declared dead. Children are vanishing at an alarming rate; being plucked from public places without anyone recalling what happened.

    The suspicious part is that all of the children are Altered - half human and half otherworldly. The only person that the Agency knows can do what needs to be done to solve these crimes is Realm Walker Juliana Norris. Who just happens to be fresh off of a suspension for deeds done in Realm Walker, Book 1. When the children reappear one family's worth at a time, dead and missing body parts, it's up to Julianna and her team to stop the killer.

    Unfortunately, Juliana not only has to deal with the disappearances, she has a human in her way. He wants nothing to do with the Altered unless he can take credit for it and cast shadows on the Agency. The missing children, however, don't have time for the politics between the Agency and the police force.

    Juliana is a likable main female character. Her compassion could be interpreted as a weakness but it's not. It's her motivator and gives her the drive she needs to do the families and the missing children justice, just as they deserve. She can't give up and walk away when the victims are so young and can't defend themselves. She does anything and everything she can to try and bring the children back to their parents alive, as opposed to in a pine box.

    Thomas is also a huge part of Death's Daughter. He's back and trying to win over Juliana since he abandoned her 7 years prior. Or at least he was until she had to stab him in Book 1. Now she's back to being completely alone since Thomas isn't talking to her anymore. What a complicated relationship Juliana and Thomas have.

    So many misunderstands and the lack of communication is infuriating. We have many returning characters and some that are brand new. The Wardens are very nice group of guys that provide the protection that Juliana may need as her case develops. Taft is a new agent for the police force. Of course, we have the core group that's back, minus any that perished in Book 1. Each secondary character plays out their role perfectly.

    Good or bad, these characters were written well. Realm Walker is a gritty urban fantasy that keeps the reader intrigued from the get go. So many red herrings are tossed about in Death's Daughter; so many seeds planted that the reader is lead on a wild goose chase from start to finish.

    Just when you think you know who's involved, they are either discredited or another suspect is introduced. I absolutely love this series. The author's writing draws in the reader and keeps them engaged. The investigation into the kidnappings and deaths keeps Juliana and her team busy which translates to a lot of action between the pages. There is never a dull moment and while they are trying to find the kids and their kidnapper, Juliana's enemy Raoul has resurfaced and is actively seeking her out.

    Please note that this book does contain adult scenes. Review copy courtesy of the publisher, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review. Jan 30, Melanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: ry , read-in Why take the children? What does the perpetrator plan to do with them? I loved this book, everything about it and UF is definitely my category of choice when reading a book. I thought Julianna was a great character in the first book and this just cements that. The storyline was awesome, very gritty, harsh and realistic to the point where it would still have been a great book even without the paranormal element, I could definitely see myself watching this on TV.

    I love the introduction of the Wardens to the series and their personalities really shone through so I would love more from them, possibly their own stories. Dec 09, Amy A rated it it was amazing. Someone has been kidnapping Altered children. Anyone able to pull this off must be wielding some major power.

    All Juliana knows is that she needs to find the children and stop anymore from being taken. It was really nice reading this second book now that the world has been established. She genuinely wants to work things out with him and vice versa. Everything with the relationship was very subtle, never over shadowing the case with The Thief and the children, but still getting the attention and page time to allow it to shape itself and grow. It also cuts down on a lot of misinterpretations. The situation with The Thief was written very well. I enjoyed the twists and turns and seeing Juliana take charge of the case both solidified her as a badass and backed up the fact that she is the best at her job.

    Only two books in and Kathleen Collins already has me hooked and highly anticipating the third book in the series. Apr 08, Lorna rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal. I read and reviewed Realm Walker when it first came out and thought it was a well written, interesting Urban Fantasy. I really enjoyed it and now with this book, I think the author has outdone herself. I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review. What I liked about this book: Juliana is what is known as a Realm Walker in a world where supernatural beings live side by side with humans.

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    Realm Walkers are called in by the police whenever a crime involves an Altered I read and reviewed Realm Walker when it first came out and thought it was a well written, interesting Urban Fantasy. Realm Walkers are called in by the police whenever a crime involves an Altered as these beings are known regardless of type of being. There were so many different types of Altered and it was really fun to see what different character the author would come up with next. The weirdest had to be the part old man, part furry spider. Juliana is the daughter of the God of Death and is part Fae.

    She is still discovering all her magical talents and she thinks of them as party tricks. She has recently reunited, after seven years apart,with her United mate, Thomas, a master vampire. Needless to say, I thought the world building was pretty amazing and completely creative. My favorite characters of course were Juliana and Thomas. Thomas is still pretty much in the doghouse due to leaving her seven years before, the day after their uniting.

    Juliana is having a hard time coming to terms with him being back in her life, since he pretty much broke her heart. I liked seeing Thomas doing his best to win her back. Juliana is beautiful, smart, engaging and the total sword carrying, alpha female. Thomas is the total hot guy package and adores Juliana. The mystery in this story sucked me right in. Someone is killing Altered children. They are being abducted right out in public by someone using magic. The investigation is fraught with danger for both children and Juliana. To add to her problems, she and Thomas are still dealing with the vampire that ruined her life while Thomas was gone.

    There were so many times that previous cases are discussed, and I would like to read a book about some of them. This author does have quite the imagination and it was fun hearing about these cases. I found the book to be so easily read that I stayed up all night to do so. Major page turner for sure!

    Very well written, good characters, great romance, interesting bad guy,different premise,it had it all. Who would I recommend this book to: Any paranormal or Urban Fantasy fan, will like this book. But what they discover while traveling turns their mission upside down and they must now find a way to restore Chomountain before they and he Toggle navigation.

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    Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2) Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2)
    Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2) Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2)
    Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2) Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2)
    Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2) Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2)
    Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2) Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2)
    Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2) Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2)
    Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2) Deaths Daughter (Realm Walker Book 2)

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