The Dream Quilt

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Dream Quilt

A carefully chosen art piece mandala, wall hanging, etc.

Kati Horvath. DST - Patterns.

Sewing Machine Juki DX2000

Read More. More than a kit Boost your quilting. Switch to Mobile Site.

THE Dream Fabric Frame: Overiew

Regular opening day now is Saturday I'm happy to be at home for your visit on other days if you call or email to make an appointment. If you are a group, you may prefer to call and set a time that works for you! If you haven't worked with vintage kimono silk, I think it's time!

It washes and irons beautifully, and the colours and designs are fabulous. Check the Kimono silk fabric photos to see some of the silk.

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Japanese silk fabrics, and more. If you are interested in planning a tour of local quilt shops Quilting Hub. Quilting is an activity that attracts people of all ages.


One way to guarantee that your quilt will be a success is by making sure you have the right tools and materials. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain when purchasing quilting fabrics and tools. There is so much on the market and many choices in every category!

How to Start Quilting the Dream Big Opal Panel

Creating unusual patterns with an assortment of colors can produce individual quilts that are not only beautiful but also practical. To do the best work it is important to have a machine that is specially built for this purpose. Produced by the well-known Brother Sewing Machine Company, it has all the features that make quilting a pleasurable experience. Naturally, large quilts are bulky., Bournemouth (UK), Art Quilts, Wall Hangings, Drumbags

In order to be properly quilted it is necessary that there be space available to roll the quilt and move it freely through the machine. When the machine is paired with the Dream Carousel Sit-Down Cabinet, which is made of laminate and has rollers, it is easy to move to a convenient location when in use or move to another location if necessary. This free motion cabinet is constructed so it can be easily pivoted to a side or front sewing position.

The Dream Quilt The Dream Quilt
The Dream Quilt The Dream Quilt
The Dream Quilt The Dream Quilt
The Dream Quilt The Dream Quilt
The Dream Quilt The Dream Quilt

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