A Salty Piece of Land

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It is about a fictional American westerner, Tully Mars, who goes to work repairing an island lighthouse.

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Buffett first introduced the character Tully Mars in his earlier work, Tales from Margaritaville. The book includes a CD single with a song of the same title as the book. Also put in charge of fixing an old lighthouse. In this novel Buffett shows his expertise at connecting stories of science fiction Captain Kirk , fantasy The Lost Boys , and drama Clark Gable into a single Caribbean themed epic.


Buffett classically demonstrates his understanding of the idea of foreshadowing by writing a book about a drunken island hopper, i. This book picks up where the story Take Another Road from the novel Tales from Margaritaville left off. In the previous story, he sent her a winning lottery ticket and asked her to meet him in Belize City , a date which he failed to keep. He sails with Captain Kirk, the captain of a shrimp boat, to a mythical place known as Punta Margarita, where he becomes a fishing guide at a local resort, The Lost Boys, named after characters in Peter Pan a lost childhood is a common theme among Buffett works.

He begins to settle into a life of leisure, fishing and drinking with his Mayan friend Ix-Nay, but his world is soon turned completely upside down when Donna Kay shows up on a pink seaplane and tells him that she's getting married to Clark Gable, a master horse trainer featured in the previous story.


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Twain, a two-piece art collection, and a Lister's conch, which was given to him by his good friend Johnny Red Dust. He befriends a Mayan named Ix-Nay and while Tully teaches him the ways of fishing, Ix-Nay shares his knowledge of the island. When Tully's old girlfriend Donna Kay arrives on a plane painted like a pink flamingo, Tully worries that his past might be catching up with him, but he soon discovers that his past has moved on without him.

Donna Kay leaves the island and Tully takes some time to reflect. After drowning his new boss' Jeep in a giant puddle, he ends up on a beach where he encounters year-old Cleopatra Highbourne. Tully begins a conversation with Cleopatra, learning that she's looking to restore a lighthouse in Cayo Loco.

'A Salty Piece of Land': Wise Old Jimmy Buffett

She invites him on board her schooner for dinner. The two become fast friends and Cleopatra even offers him a job on her crew.

However, Tully turns the job down because of his commitments at Lost Boys. Since the Land Rover isn't yet available, Archie extends the use of his condominium at Renaldo's, a nearby resort, to his new friends. At the resort, Tully meets Dawn, a sexually adventurous teenager on spring break.

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However, Dawn possesses a very dangerous secret - she's the stepdaughter of Thelma Barston and the Stilton Brothers are in town to capture Tully! With the aid of his new friends, Tully narrowly escapes.

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Tully's adventures are far from over as he sets out to finish the journey Johnny Red Dust cautioned him about - his journey to find his true home. If Tully Mars had known what he was getting himself into when he agreed to help find the lost lens belonging to the lighthouse on Cayo Loco, well, he might never have agreed to help in the first place. Then again, maybe he simply would have taken a slightly longer nap before setting off on his wild adventure.

A Salty Piece of Land

And it isn't just Tully, whom Buffett fans will remember well from Jimmy's best-selling Tales from Margaritaville , on the madcap quest. There's Ix-Nay, an Indian shaman with a dislike of the media; Mr. Twain, Tully's loyal steed; Cleopatra Highbourne, the year-old owner of Cayo Loco and Cuban baseball addict; Captain Kirk, fishing trip leader and boatman extraordinaire; former country music star Sean Spurl, aka Tex Sex; Bucky Norman, a Wyoming cowboy who has found his way to the ocean; and even a fellow named Jimmy Buffett, who decides he might as well join in on the party.

I have read this book so many times I can't even count anymore.

A Salty Piece of Land A Salty Piece of Land
A Salty Piece of Land A Salty Piece of Land
A Salty Piece of Land A Salty Piece of Land
A Salty Piece of Land A Salty Piece of Land
A Salty Piece of Land A Salty Piece of Land
A Salty Piece of Land A Salty Piece of Land
A Salty Piece of Land A Salty Piece of Land
A Salty Piece of Land A Salty Piece of Land
A Salty Piece of Land

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