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Every Day Counts Program

To reach our goal of all children reading proficiently by the end of third grade, we must make sure that all children attend school every day. In , AR-GLR launched the Make Every Day Count initiative with Attendance Works to help schools, districts and communities track chronic absence and develop and implement plans for keeping children in the classroom. The Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading also released an online toolkit: Leading Attendance in Arkansas: How principals can help students succeed by reducing chronic absence.

The toolkit outlines five strategies to help principals develop a comprehensive plan to reduce chronic absence in their schools:. Local radio station personalities have recorded PSAs to encourage parents to make sure their children attend school every day, and schools and districts are using tools developed by AR-GLR to share the message with parents, students and the broader community.

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According to the analysis, more than 14 percent of Arkansas students were chronically absent during the school year. Was this page useful? Yes No. Describe your experience The information was easy to understand The information answered my query.

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The information was inaccurate The information was difficult to understand I couldn't find the information I was looking for. Students can make school attendance a priority by: Adhering to a consistent bed time in order to get an adequate amount of sleep each night.

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Being aware of the time that they need to leave home in order to arrive at school on time. Orienting other interests and responsibilities around attending school.


Expressing barriers to attendance with teachers and school administrators. Engage students and families.


Monitor attendance data and practice. Provide personalized early outreach.

Attendance - Every Day Counts

Develop programmatic responses to barriers to attendance. Community The more kids come to school and graduate, the more likely our community will continue to grow and thrive. Business leaders can: Work with a local school to provide incentives for good or improved attendance, such as gift certificates, books, healthy snacks, or backpacks. Host a community forum to discuss the need for good attendance and build support for solutions.

Every Day Counts Every Day Counts
Every Day Counts Every Day Counts
Every Day Counts Every Day Counts
Every Day Counts Every Day Counts
Every Day Counts Every Day Counts
Every Day Counts Every Day Counts

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