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Aging and physical exercise, programme for the elderly launched in Cagliari. Developing next generation bionic limbs that feel like natural limbs is the objective of the recently launched Natural Bionics project, a major research project in which Italy is involved through the Italian A microchip and a blood sample for allergy testing: launch of the IntegrAL project. One drop of blood will determine in a few minutes whether children have an allergy.

The IntegrAL project, coordinated by a team of Italian researchers at the University of Bologna, aims to create a new Urban Forests, first World Forum in Mantua. More than experts from over 50 countries around the world will meet in Mantua to discuss — for the first time all together at the global level — the importance of integrating grey and green Tiger mosquito: Italy to lead first European project to respond to the emergency.

The research team led by Alessandra della Torre, from the Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases, Sapienza University of Rome, will lead the first European project aimed at managing the risk Is it possible to smell fear or happiness? What organic substances the human body gives off when it experiences these emotions?

And can the molecules produced in these cases, if any, affect the behaviour Horizon Europe, dialogue between the Italian research and innovation community and Europe. The aim is to have an open dialogue with European stakeholders to find convergences on Horizon Europe, the European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation that will replace Horizon Our history is closely linked to that of the formation and evolution of the Universe. Several elements, however, are still missing which could help us to fully understand this history. Fundamental questions The project aims to radically improve the techniques for Transcranial Regenerative medicine, fighting osteoarthritis with ARTE.

The challenge is to develop, through cross-border cooperation, innovative solutions in the field of regenerative medicine to fight osteoarthritis: a disabling disease associated with pain caused by cartilage Cancer: Italy, Spain and United Kingdom allied with six new research projects. An investment of 33 million euro allocated to six new international research projects, three of which to be carried out by Italian researchers.

These are the new 5-year studies of the Accelerator Award BepiColombo mission launched, Europe to discover Mercury. On Saturday 20 October , a launch from the European spaceport of Kourou, French Guyana, set off BepiColombo, the mission under European leadership which aims at exploring Mercury, the planet closest Nuclear fusion: supercomputer for European research to be built in Italy.

The aim is to separate air into its constituent components in order to obtain useful elements for a wide range of applications, from fundamental physics research to medicine. The blockchain technology will serve the needs of people thanks to an innovative project for the recognition of qualifications held by refugees, promoted by the Ministry of Education, University and Research ERC Grants here are the new features.

Integrating medicine with the most innovative information technologies, network medicine, Big Data, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and robotics is the mission of STITCH, the newly opened research To set up an open-source cancer biobank of images to support physicians in the diagnosis and therapy of solid malignancies is the aim of the PRIMAGE project funded under the Horizon programme and Aeolus: the satellite that will revolutionize weather forecasts. It will be a major step in improving weather forecasts thanks to a revolutionary laser technology, developed in Italy, which will study in detail the winds around the Earth.

Metrology, i. How could the violent behaviour of an offender change if he were to feel the pain inflicted on his victim? Bioeconomy, how to reuse biorefinery by-products. Special on Space. Scenarios and perspectives for Italy in the era of Space Economy. The present and future of research in the space sector have a name, Space Economy, a wide-ranging field of activity based on the exploration, research, management and use of space, capable of producing Environment, zero plastic is the goal of the eCircular project led by Unibo. Optimizing the life cycle of plastic products, reducing waste production thanks to digital technologies is the objective of the eCircular project, led by the University of Bologna.

Enhancing the technologies originating from particle physics research by making them available to small enterprises, spinoffs, innovative startups and hi-tech companies for the development of innovative It will soon be possible to make decisions aimed at the sustainability of agriculture and forestry through an app, which will allow the analysis and processing of data useful to farmers and land use planners Centauro, the European robot for emergencies and natural disasters. To overcome these Copernicus: the project that will lead Agricultural Policy into the space era.

Nuclear physics, a new technology hub for universities and companies in Frascati. A research infrastructure open to the world of researchers and the business community, able to offer the most advanced technologies developed in the field of particle accelerators to create innovation Luca Parmitano Cancer, AIRC launches six new special programmes for the study of metastases. PrandtlPlane: the aircraft of the future is taking shape at the University of Pisa. Special on Antarctica, Italy in the large natural laboratory for the study of the future. If scientific knowledge is similar to a journey, not all stages are the same.

To discover for the first time what hides under the surface of Mars, to analyze its underground, seismic activity, and to collect important clues on the evolution of the rock planets of the Solar System Aerospace, green light to the development of a new made in Italy ceramic material. Interesting prospects are opening up for the development of a new made in Italy material with applications in the aerospace sector. Special on Forum PA the contribution of research and education to sustainability. What is the contribution of science and education to the great social, economic and environmental challenges of our time?

SuperKEKB is the first particle accelerator Climate change, the largest Italian research and education centre inaugurated. Engineering, Sapienza University: looking at research projects closely. From integrated systems for electric mobility to advanced solutions for road safety. From new building tools to software applications for space missions. From technologies for research in experimental Medicina, near Bologna, will host the new station of the LOFAR-LOw Frequency Array, the large international radio telescope that today has over 25 thousand antennas grouped in 51 stations located in The European Research Council-ERC has invested a total budget of over million euro in groundbreaking research in the latest edition of the Advanced Grant Call, the results of which have been recently Plastics in the Mediterranean: the European project to preserve marine protected areas kicks off.

Plastic pollution poses a serious threat to the marine and coastal environment of the Mediterranean. Responsible animal testing: Centro 3R set up in Italy. Southern Iraq, results from the Sapienza University archaeological mission presented. Using tobacco to produce drugs and cosmetics instead of cigarettes. An experimental project for the observation of the Sun using Italian radio telescopes, developed from an idea by researcher Alberto Pellizzoni of the National Institute for Astrophysics-INAF, has recently Energy, Frascati to host international fusion research centre.

Frascati will host the Divertor Tokamak Test facility-DTT, the international centre of excellence for nuclear fusion research. The weather we will get, the climate we can expect: a few instructions for use. Weather-ready, climate-smart is the theme of the edition of the International Meteorological Day, an important and shared moment to discuss one of the main challenges of our times.

The international expedition to the unexplored caves of the Cordillera de la Sal in Chile has set off, in search of microorganisms similar to those that could be found on the Red Planet. Nanoparticles, reduced health and environmental risks with the SUN project. Is it possible to assess risks and take appropriate preventive measures for the use of nanoparticles in consumer products? Italy is following closely the uncontrolled re-entry into the atmosphere of the Chinese Space Station Tiangong1, expected in spring.

Construction 4. Experimental research in architecture can count on a new infrastructure where solutions for the construction sector of the future can be developed and tested. The improvement of the quality of air and the reduction of greenhouse gases also passes through the technological innovation of road transport.

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With this purpose, the European Commission has funded with A two million euro ERC Consolidator Grant to Dynamical river Networks: climatic controls and biogeochemical function - DyNET, the project that, for the first time, will monitor the expansion and contraction Target: Mars. The veg garden in the simulated mission in Oman is Made in Italy. Preparations for the exploration of Mars make a leap forward with the Amadee mission started in Oman to test, in an environment that resembles Mars, tools and procedures for future space missions to Eleven European partners got together to increase the use of renewable sources and energy efficiency, by integrating, combining and empowering urban wastewater and organic waste management systems.

The first dish of the Square Kilometre Array-SKA, the most ambitious radio telescope project in the world, based on thousands of radio antennas to be deployed across the planet, from South Africa to Australia Volcanoes and earthquakes: Italy and China together to assess risk from space. The development of an intelligent and eco-friendly traffic management system that takes into account pollution levels in different areas of cities and provides real-time information to road network operators Robotics, Italy to lead the first European network of research infrastructures.

Astroparticle physics: the new European strategy presented. European research priorities in the field of astroparticle physics for the coming decade are focused on dark matter, neutrinos, cosmic rays and gravitational waves research, with great attention to some Quantum communication, experimentation of a civil infrastructure in Prato. The city of Prato will be the test bench for the first Italian infrastructure for civil quantum communication via optical fibre. An intrinsically secure system, based on the physical impossibility of cloning Precision medicine, a Technopole for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases to be set up in Apulia.

Enhancing research on cancer and neurodegenerative diseases through innovative solutions based on nanotechnology. Antarctica: first wind farm for the Italian base. Wind is again playing the leading role in Antarctica. Not only as an engine of climate, but also as the propulsive force of the first wind farm built at the Italian Mario Zucchelli base in Terra Nova Bay.

The Origins Bridge set up in Pisa. Five institutions based in Pisa have come together to build the first bridge over the Arno River dedicated to research and scientific dissemination. Origins Bridge is the name of the futuristic infrastructure The objective is to promote innovation and technology The Connectome Project identified the limitations of neuroimaging systems.

Evaluating the effectiveness and limitations of the methods used to map the human connectome — the set of all neuronal connections in the brain — was the aim of the international competition Flying green with new fuels: Polytechnic University of Milan drives innovation. A new platform will make it possible to optimize the formulation and streamline the approval process of new aviation fuels, to the full benefit of efficiency and reduction of pollution levels. GoJelly Project: jellyfish as a resource. Using jellyfish as a resource: this is the goal of the GoJelly Project, funded by the European Union with 6 million euro for a period of four years, involving a consortium of fifteen scientific institutions Trieste is getting ready to host the Euroscience Open Forum-ESOF in , the most important European event dedicated to the relationship between science, technology, society and politics.

The challenges Bologna Jewish cemetery has been rediscovered after all traces were lost following its destruction in With its graves of women, men and children, it is the largest medieval Jewish cemetery found Energy, integration of bio-fuels and renewable sources with the "Ambition" project. The project is called Ambition, Advanced Biofuel Production with Energy System Integration and aims at providing greater flexibility and stability to the European energy system by integrating biofuels New drugs to fight HIV?

A researcher from Padua is investigating. Alice Sosic, former researcher at the University of Padua, currently based in the United States, is investigating new pharmacological targets in order to develop new drugs that could lead to a cure for Safer road bridges with the SUREbridge project. These are the Architecture 4. Developing the best full-scale prototype of house of the future is the ambitious challenge taken on by the ReStart4Smart project, presented in Milan by a team from Sapienza University of Rome. The risk of HIV transmission in prisons can be reduced by improving HIV prevention and management: this is the objective of the Free to live well with HIV in Prison project, which also aims to define good Antarctica, new Italian expedition started.

Rare diseases: genome editing nearing human clinical trials. A revolutionary approach to the treatment of rare diseases is not far away. E-health: a reliable technology at the service of European citizens. Kenneth is 65 years old, lives in Copenhagen and suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and chronic heart failure. He is planning to spend 10 days in Barcelona with his family, but he is worried One of the greatest challenges of European research on macular degeneration starts from Pisa.

To promote sea source exploitation through a network of SMEs, electric power companies, research institutes, financial operators, service providers and final users in Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy It is called Development Cooperation Atlas and it is the first online database containing technologies and projects for development cooperation available to all subjects operating in this sector.

It was Q-SORT project, the electron microscopy revolution begins. The project introduces a revolutionary concept Trento, an ever Smarter City. An ecosystem that will allow citizens, schools, institutions, startups and businesses in the area to connect thanks to a free and secure network that brings information and services directly to users.

Neutrinos, the hunt for Majorana particles begins beneath Gran Sasso.

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The study of neutrinos, among the most elusive subatomic particles studied by physicists, can now count on a new ally, a cold giant of over kg, housed beneath the Gran Sasso mountain. INRIM: the electric car of the future will be wireless. There will soon be a new generation of electric vehicles with a revolutionary charging technology and at reasonable cost. This is what is promised by the researchers of Metrology for Inductive Charging Zero gravity graphene, new tests to improve thermal management of satellites.

The exceptional properties of graphene will soon be tested in zero gravity conditions. Mapping glaciers with drones: a project by Alta Scuola Politecnica. There is a safer, more efficient and cost-effective method to monitor the state of health of glaciers than direct measurements by man: the use of drones. Using agriculture residues or biological waste as fuel for cars, with clear benefits in terms of environmental sustainability and reduction in CO2 emissions into the air is the important perspective opened Biomedicine, new diagnosis and therapy products from Italy-Slovenia partnership.

Italy and Slovenia will bring scientific resources and skills together to improve the diagnosis and therapy of a number of diseases — including myocardial infarction, difficult wounds and neuro-inflammatory Agrifood: new methods for harvesting quinoa and amaranth crops in the Caserta area. Innovating the harvesting of protein-rich vegetable food is the objective of the European research project called Protein2Food. The project, coordinated by the University of Copenhagen, involves the National Astrophysics: EST, the largest solar telescope in Europe, soon available.

On 5 October Sapienza studies how we perceive others. Emotional stimuli influence social inclusion and exclusion processes. It has been demonstrated by a study conducted by researchers from the Department of Psychology at Sapienza University and from Santa Chronic infections: Erachron project on persistent bacteria funded at State University of Milan.

To improve territorial and landscape planning by promoting natural areas to mitigate climate change, preserve wildlife habitats and improve the quality of air and water. In the Venice lagoon, the test of SubCULTtron has recently started; this is an advanced European project in the field of artificial intelligence aimed at developing the largest underwater system for data Ebola, University of Siena in the forefront of international research for a vaccine.

The heart of research for a vaccine against the Ebola is in the city of Siena, where a European project worth 15 million euro is about to be launched to test the immune response of a high number of adults The second part of the archaeological excavation campaign under the leadership of Marina Rubinich, Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage of the University of Udine, started at the end of August Producing clean chemical energy and storing it efficiently by mimicking the natural process of plant photosynthesis.

However, today we need bidirectional grids Bruno Kessler Foundation, monitoring air quality in mountain lodges: SenSat project presented. The project aims to develop a sensor to monitor air quality in mountain Mission to Mercury, launch configuration: BepiColombo passed final tests. The BepiColombo space mission to planet Mercury, scheduled for , takes an important step forward: the spacecraft has completed its final tests in launch configuration, carried out at the technical The University of Pisa will study the main safety system of the ITER nuclear fusion reactor, the infrastructure currently under construction in the South of France, the result of a titanic international Sustainable architecture, from the University of Bologna a project for Chile.

Paolo Nespoli back in space for the third time. The VITA mission has begun! The space veteran has returned to the stars. Mediterranean: ENEA laser in action to monitor the health of the sea. The study entitled A review of the stratigraphy of Rome Italy according to evidence from geochronologically and paleomagnetically constrained aggradational successions and tephrostratigraphic data conducted FLOWERED, de-fluoridation technologies for improving quality of water and agro-animal products along the East African Rift Valley in the context of adaptation to climate change is a project developed by Polimi to participate in the Sharing Cities project.

It aims at integrating research and innovation policies in Aeronautics, half plane, half helicopter: here is the 3D-printed convertiplane. It can fly as a traditional airplane and take off as a helicopter. Moreover, the new generation convertiplane will have an innovative transmission system developed with 3D printing. This will be possible North Pole: the High-North campaign has begun. Coronary heart disease, from ENEA thinner resorbable vascular scaffolds. Gravitational waves: green light to the LISA mission. The ENEL Innovation Lab at Passo Martino, near Catania, will host the laboratory dedicated to the development of solar cells and innovative, very-high-efficiency photovoltaic systems, with a special focus Dam stability: screening by the University of Padua.

A new method for dam stability screening will be tested on the Mosul dam, in Iraq, in the context of a project, recently started, and coordinated by Giulia Tessari, a researcher at the University Of Padua. The European project TOMRES, a novel and integrated approach to increase multiple and combined stress tolerance in plants using tomato as a model, presented on 7 June at the University of Turin, is To develop technologies and innovative tools for an electric power system that is increasingly interconnected and safe, through the coordinated and safe management of national and European electric grids The ICARUS experiment on neutrinos, the elusive particles which have drawn the attention of physicists from all over the world for decades, has recently started his journey from Switzerland to the United An innovative laser, capable of emitting a very focused beam has been obtained thanks to the double nature of the Terahertz waves.

Nuclear Physics: Xenon1T is the most sensitive detector for dark matter search. Responding to the new challenges of space by strengthening collaboration between ENEA and ASI in the implementation of research, development and innovation programmes in the fields of medicine, biotechnology Third observation of gravitational waves reveals the presence of new black holes. Less than two years after the first historic observation of gravitational waves, made on 14 September and announced on 11 February , the scientists of the LIGO and VIRGO international scientific The crisis involving all industrial sectors has hit badly the shipbuilding industry, which has tried to address adequately the market challenges, by promoting a change in the sector towards the development Vita mission: final stages of training for Paolo Nespoli.

One year after it was docked to the ISS Small lipid spheres with an action on the immune system are the basis for the therapeutic strategy proposed by an all-Italian research group to combat antibiotic-resistant infections: a major health problem Biomedicine: Sapienza assessed the risk for developing breast cancer in men. The risk for developing breast cancer is not limited to women.

Almalaurea: the Report on the profile and occupational status of graduates. The 19th Report on the profile and occupational status of graduates, published by the Almalaurea Interuniversity Consortium, provides information on the degree effectiveness and the attractiveness of Despite its intricate structure, dotted with knots that can be very large, the DNA molecule is able to pass through the tiny pores of various biological structures without getting stuck, as it might be A new milestone in its Stem cells are non-specialized cells with the ability to transform into other types of cells through the cell differentiation process and the capacity to replicate infinitely or almost infinitely.

A new international collaboration has been recently set up to promote the creation of an open scientific data and citation collection. Biomedicine: from an Italian team new perspectives to counteract tumour development. Circular economy: the first Innovation Deal on water management signed. Italo-French project to study the relationship between new migrations and welfare in European countries.

Migration flows increase and new crises loom on the international scenario. The welfare systems of the European countries are seriously put under pressure by the new migration dynamics. In order to study This was revealed by the two space agencies during the European Geosciences The Etna Park, established in , with its 59, hectares, has the primary objective of protecting the environment surrounding Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, while promoting the eco-friendly Biomedicine: from Tor Vergata a project to investigate glioblastoma multiforme.

Every day, over million people in Europe are exposed to excessive traffic noise levels caused by heavy and light vehicles as well as motorcycles, with possible impact on their health. The noise produced Molecular hydrogen on Enceladus: a new discovery made by Cassini space probe. One of the most fascinating and mysterious moons of planet Saturn, Enceladus, could host life in the ocean hidden under the iced surface. This was revealed in a recent study published in the Science journal Towards Mars: UniBo reveals the effects of isolation on gut microbiota.

But how does the microbiota New Centre of excellence for research in multiple sclerosis set up in Genoa. Multiple Sclerosis is a demyelinating, often gradually disabling, neurodegenerative disease that causes lesions and loss of myelin, the substance that forms the nerve fiber sheath with a protective and Cybersicurezza in digital market: a new scientific opinion from the European Commission.

Innovation of territories: Smart Islands Declaration signed in Brussels. To make islands the main actors in technological development in the fields of energy, transport, water and waste managements, and Information and Communication Technology ITC. Sardinia: SE. PORT to improve the prevention of silting of ports. Italy is one of the main partners of the collaboration led by DESY Exomars: final two sites chosen for rover landing in mission.

Biodiversity and ecosystems are the fields of research of LifeWatch, the structure to which the European Commission has recently granted the legal status of European Research Infrastructure Consortium Jobot, the office robot of the University of Pisa, is here.

Photovoltaics: 14 million project for industrial chain in Italy now underway. To develop an industrial chain capable of producing super-efficient and low-cost photovoltaic cells to be competitive again in this sector in Italy. Improving the efficiency of computer networks is the goal of "fog computing": a new technological paradigm based on decentralized infrastructure in which data are processed, analysed and stored in a distributed Urban mobility: from CNR a study on the potential of ride sharing.

One of the emerging trends in mobility is ride sharing, or shared mobility: a transport mode based on car rides. A recent study, appeared in Nature Scientific Reports, used an extensive dataset to predict Chemical characterization of drugs and proteins in an unambiguous and quantitative manner.

Torino Smart City: researchers are working to improve the quality of life of citizens.

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The strategic issues for the future of Turin are: environment, technology Rare Diseases: a window of opportunity for the cure of Friedreich Ataxia from research and industry. There is a window of opportunity for the cure of Friedreich Ataxia - a rare disease for which no approved therapy is currently available - thanks to an Italian study recently published in the prestigious The promotion of a rational and shared development of expensive scientific equipment and of the valuable human resources having the skills needed for their proper use.

This is the context of the Open Access University of Ferrara: from research a prevention strategy for ataxia patients. This project focuses on research on new hybrid materials for Countdown for BepiColombo, the European mission to explore Mercury. The final countdown has begun for BepiColombo, one of the most ambitious interplanetary exploration missions ever planned by the European Space Agency ESA that will explore Mercury, the planet closest Making technological change and digital transformation more inclusive is the slogan of the new edition of the Social Innovation Competition: the competition promoted by the European Union EU to support Unicam for the development of health tourism.

The excellent research of the University of Camerino has received an important recognition. The European Commission has recently announced that a grant of 2. A blood test to diagnose cancer. Exploration technologies for cultural heritage can be used in seemingly very distant fields such as mining exploration and characterization of raw materials. Avio manufactures the world's largest future aircraft engines. The thirteenth edition of Masterclasses has recently started. The new research project called SOLUS led by the Polytechnics University of Milan aims at developing an innovative system to improve the diagnosis of breast cancer, which can non-invasively discriminate Improving the ability of robots in cooperating with humans is the goal of an ambitious project led by Italy, recently started with a budget of almost 4 million euro obtained in the context of the European Cyberspace, which includes networks, data, and software that interconnect people, things and machines globally, is the most complex reality that man has ever dealt with.

The economy and the social system Italian research leader of the EU iPlanta project. The event was attended by over scientists from 28 countries and by representatives Advanced Virgo inaugurated: Italy enters new era of observation of the Universe. After about one year since the announcement of the observation of the first gravitational wave, Italy takes an important leap forward in this new form of exploration of the universe with the inauguration CNR researchers experiment an exoskeleton instead of plaster on pediatric patients.

Nanotech: UniTrento at the forefront of restorative neurology with the Neurofibres project. According to recent studies, sea level could rise over the next 80 years, dramatically changing the morphology of the Italian coasts, and over 5, square kilometres of coastal plains could end up under One of the most interesting areas of research in nanotechnology is that of metamaterials a term coined in by Rodger M.

Walser of the University of Texas at Austin , with which it is possible to obtain The relationship between food and health is the focus of the new edition of Innovation for Change: the second edition of the competition organized by Scuola di Alta Formazione al Management SAFM of the EUROCHAMP is a European project which aims at creating a network of atmospheric simulation chambers, which are devices used to create artificial atmospheres to investigate and understand phenomena ERC: exploring a new state of matter at the University of Cagliari.

The project arrived at the University of Cagliari Apulia restores legumes and cereals thanks to a project coordinated by the CNR. When, in the Neolithic, humans started to become sedentary, the production of cereals and legumes completely revolutionized their lifestyle. If, until then, early humans had lived following the migrations Trentino intends to become a leading actor in the new quantum revolution by aggregating the scientific and technological expertise in the area.

From Descartes to Hobbes: a research project to reconstruct the thought of the early modern period. The reconstruction of the thought of the early modern period through conceptual constellations able to connect sources, authors, readers, lexical transformations and influences on philosophy and science Healthcare innovation: Trans2Care, an Italian-Slovenian network to counter the brain drain. The creation of a transregional network for innovation and technology transfer in the health system is the goal of the Trans2Care project, conducted in northeast Italy and Slovenia between and The University of Pisa brings the health bread to the table.

The most long-living volcanoes of the Solar System seem to be located on Mars. University of Bologna partner in the European project Harmony to improve hematological treatments.

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  3. The Sixth Sentinel (Adventures Through Time);
  4. Savagery of the Blackfeet (Brothers of the Mountain, Story #7).
  6. The Collapse of RBS: a 10 minute read.
  7. Le luci del Titanic.

Zero food mile baby food: launch of the Peter Baby Bio project, coordinated by the University of Pisa. The production of homogenized organic meat, vegetables and fruit with zero food miles and using only made-in-Tuscany raw materials is the goal of the Peter Baby Bio project, recently launched with the The future is in quantum technology. The website of Horizon , the European Programme for Research and Innovation, has recently published the list of the proposals selected during the first call of Future and Emerging Technologies FET More dependable systems in domotics, mobility and healthcare.

Launch of the DEIS project. Deorbit: the European mission to remove space debris. The removal of major debris from the orbital environments used for space launches is one of the objectives of the European Space Agency ESA which, through the Clean Space programme, is drawing attention Ring14 International grant to a Mario Negri Institute project to study epilepsy.

One of the main components of ultrafine particulate matter is black carbon, produced by the combustion process, in particular, by diesel road traffic. Assessing the toxicity of air particulate matter and Enea supports organic electronics at Tripode laboratory. The project, funded by the European Commission in the context of the research programme The operations for the assembly of the experimental reactor for nuclear fusion JTSA, designed to produce energy with the same reaction which occurs in stars, started on 12 January in Naka, km from Industry 4. Collaboration between research and industry can result in highly innovative projects.

An example of this is Novacart IIT: a joint lab for the treatment of pure cellulose, with applications in the food Forests have always played a crucial role in the economy of the different sectors of Alpine countries. Today, thanks to tourism, to their ability to provide bio-energy and to be a reserve of high-quality The use of satellite imagery is a relatively recent phenomenon that has allowed us to observe the Earth, its elements, or other planets of the Universe.

The evolution of our way of life has caused the progressive depletion of traditional fuels leading to climate change including an increase in global temperature, due to greenhouse gas emissions, which The terms to apply to the D. The strategies implemented in Europe to limit greenhouse gases emissions in the atmosphere include the capture and storage underground of carbon dioxide: a method of controlled storage of carbon dioxide Rosetta mission: researchers working on the latest data collected by ESA's spacecraft.

To apply the concepts of quantum physics to optimize the transport of solar energy, by reconstructing the natural process of plant photosynthesis. This is the result achieved by Italian researchers Filippo Space: solar oscillations observed by Kepler in the reflection of Neptune. Studying the phenomena happening inside the Sun by observing them in the reflection of another celestial body is the goal of a successful observing campaign carried out thanks to the instrumentation of A survey of the most advanced technological solutions to facilitate the development of maritime energy in the Mediterranean area.

A decrease in public funding of science and technology research in a number of countries around the world could pose a threat to innovation, currently called upon to find timely solutions to the most pressing Italy and China together to assess seismic risk from Space. The satellite will study the ionospheric perturbations associated with earthquakes From weather forecast to environmental monitoring, from security services to low-orbit tourism, Space is increasingly important in our lives, as documented by the increasing interest of users in searching Clean energy: from EU new actions to stimulate research and innovation.

Vostars project: augmented reality in the operating room. Funded by the European Commission with 3. Spectrum of antimatter observed for the first time. Thanks to a joint initiative of Regione Piemonte, Unione Industriale and ENEA, Piedmont may host a strategic nuclear fusion research infrastructure for the development of innovative technologies, under Science Gallery Venice, thinking and creating innovation. Science Gallery Venice, a unique area where science and technology will dialogue with art and design, inspiring new ways of thinking and generating innovation, will be set up in Venice.

The news was announced Research Centre for Clinical Ethics founded in Varese. The new centre will deal with complex and delicate issues such as aggressive The environmental footprint is an indicator used to evaluate the human consumption of natural resources as compared to the capacity of the Earth of regenerating them and absorbing the resulting waste.

Europe gives boost to European startups with the start-up and scale-up initiative. Investments in risk capital, insolvency law and taxation are the three key items around which the new start-up and scale-up initiative is built, and through which the European Commission intends to make DNA provides an opportunity to save rhinoceros in Borneo. Earth observation: agreement between Italy and Japan on radar satellites. The aim of the MIUR: over 32 million euro to 9 strategic research interventions. Biomedical tests to analyse the effects of long-term stay in space on human organism, new protocols for physical exercise on board the International Space Station ISS , development of augmented reality It would allow flying from Brussels to Tokyo in less than two hours 15 min and covering the distance between Sidney and Brussels in less than 3 hours.

  • Cat?licos: Resistance and Affirmation in Chicano Catholic History.
  • Incineration Technologies (SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology).
  • It is the new civil hypersonic plane under construction H Dream, international automotive key project under Italian coordination. Being able to capture space debris with a flexible tether connected to a satellite, as cowboys capture cattle with a lasso, and tow it to the atmosphere where it can be destroyed naturally. The expertise developed by our Country in the field of medical physics will contribute to the creation, in Dallas, of one of the first US centres of oncological hadron therapy: a treatment prescribed in Eating disorders, new research centre at Bicocca University.

    A car interpreting driver's gesture and look. Research investigates gravity for the treatment of aging-related diseases.

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    What is the effect of weightlessness or hypergravity on human beings? How does the human body adapt to and what are the consequences of changes in gravity? The support will come from the On 8 November , Ecomondo, the international sustainability fair, presented the first portable smog-measurement device that can be mounted on strollers, bikes or scooters. Designed by researchers from New space policy for Europe.

    These are some of the objectives of the joint declaration signed A step forward in the production of no-impact hydrogen. Supramolecular chemistry, a crucial element of nanotechnology, is a rapidly expanding interdisciplinary branch which, based on modern chemistry principles and concepts, studies highly complex molecular Developing future energy: research frontiers at ENI laboratories. To develop revolutionary applications applied to renewable energy and environmental protection is the challenge addressed by the Novara ENI laboratories that is carrying out a number of research projects Enea: Metrofood project funded with 2 million euro.

    To drastically reduce the industrial manufacturing costs of monoclonal antibodies means to considerably reduce healthcare expenditure for treatments and diagnostics based on this type of antibodies. CNR received a 8 million euro grant for research on innovative ceramic materials. A hypersonic aircraft is a vehicle which can fly in the atmosphere at a speed equal to or greater than Mach 5, Mach being the unit of measurement of macroscopic velocity by calculating the ratio between Energy and housing revolution with BiosPHera 2.

    Monitoring for a whole year the environmental and energy data of an energy efficient living module, as well as the physiological parameters of the people living in it to scientifically determine the levels Violin, for the valorization of Italian products from olive oil. Sustainable architecture: Sapienza University in the finalist shortlist of the Dubai international competition.

    Sapienza University of Rome is among the 22 international universities selected for the final phase of Solar Decathlon Middle East , the international inter-university competition of architecture Aerospace: from Trento International Forum a new route to research.

    In order to feed the dream of a better future for all mankind, we They set themselves a time limit of four years to find effective molecules for the treatment of progressive multiple sclerosis. They are the researchers of the international team coordinated by Gianvito New instruments for the study of ancient findings. It will use a new neutron tomography technology Udine launches the Sushin project. ExoMars: Schiaparelli ready to land on Mars.

    As planned, on 16 October the Schiaparelli descent module detached from the main spacecraft, Trace Gas Orbiter TGO , and is currently continuing its journey towards the surface of Mars, where it will Italy goes to Mars with ExoMars: event not to be missed on 19 October. After a seven-month journey, the joint European-Russian mission ExoMars, with considerable Italian contribution The ChinItaly challenge: the competition that will take new business ideas to China. The projects recently awarded by the European Research Council under the Proof of concept scheme include NeuroMicronica, a project developed by the International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste Geology: Earth Week is back.

    The Earth Week is back. Bringing schools into Space: a leading research and development sector for Italy since , when our Country was the third — after the United States and former Soviet Union — to launch a satellite From the National Research Council, a prospective study on nutrition. To develop advanced techniques to improve computing systems and reduce energy consumption of supercomputers are the objectives of the ANTAREX project, funded by the European Commission with 3 million euro Tonight is Made in Science! This is the European Commission initiative involving over cities in Europe to promote and disseminate scientific culture and Luna the researcher's night in Bolzano.

    Keep an eye on the big picture while working on What do haute cuisine and major physics themes have in common? The experiment will take place at the On 14 September the Agency for Digital Italy AgID in Rome hosted a public meeting between AgID, economic operators, industry, research organizations and universities, to launch the pre-commercial Neuromed, new Bioinformatics Unit thanks to Rotaract. The research institute I. Neuromed in Pozzilli will have a Bioinformatics Unit thanks to an agreement with Rotaract, which will support the project with a substantial contribution.

    The creation Developed a couple Activities and initiatives for children, adults and families will cover science topics through different languages. The European industry takes a step forward with Nano-Jets in Salento. Futuro Solare, from Sicily low-cost photovoltaic vehicles. Future transistors: the University of Pisa is studying new one-atom thick materials.

    Arsenene and antimonene, two one-atom thick two-dimensional materials, promise to revolutionize the future of technologies contributing to the development of high-performance transistors. Evidence is reported The anticipated event, which will take place on Friday 30 September across Europe, involves 52 cities in Italy with a significant increase Sky observation: Astronomic Park of Madonie ready to be opened.

    Among the best observation sites in Italy is the Madonie mountain range in Sicily. From here, it is possible to enjoy a clean sky, with no light pollution, which can offer a number of observation nights Sefira, clean air for Europe. Air quality is an important goal for European countries. Although it has improved in the last 20 years, we now realize that technical measures are not sufficient to reach the standards laid down in the National Technology Clusters: deadline for submitting applications extended.

    With Directorial Decree no. How much do perfumes pollute? Slope, for the protection of forest resources in mountain areas. For many citizens who live in these areas, the forest is not only a green lung but also an economic Sustrail, towards a new era in rail freight transport. Futurewings, the plane that changes shape.

    Imagining a plane that during the flight is able to change its shape to adapt to air currents while optimizing fuel consumption and performance would sound like science fiction but it could become reality From MIUR the provisions for the financial aids and support to scientific research. Lindsey tries to take the weapon from them but they make it clear that their secret mission is not to save men.

    Nighttime, an alien enters the rig we see the action through the warped eyes of the alien and looks for Lindsey. This time the whole crew sees it. Lindsey realizes it does not mean harm and even plays with it, but the thing wants to grab the nuclear bomb and Coffee shuts the door, thereby cutting the alien in two. Coffee wants to kill the alien with the bomb and locks up everybody else. Bud manages to escape and attack Coffee, but Coffee releases the bomb and flees on an underwater vehicle. Bud dives, catches the bomb and ties it to a pipe.

    Titanic - (098) Partición del Titanic 1080p 60fps

    Attacked by Coffee, Bud is about to die when Lindsey saves him on another vehicle. Chased by Coffee, the two drive through the bottom of the sea. After a mini underwater Star Wars, Coffee crashes and dies, but the bomb has been untied and it is falling. But Bud and Lindsey are also in trouble, because their vehicle is dead and taking water in. Bud swims back to the rig dragging the body of Lindsey, but Lindsey doesn't make it.

    Bud tries everything to revive her and eventually succeeds. Bud embarks alone on the mission to save the aliens, but it is the aliens who save him and take him into their underwater spaceship. They communicate with him by projecting images on a giant screen. They are causing giant tsunamis that will cover all the countries in the world to annihilate mankind because mankind has committed too many sins.

    Bud sees people panicking and the waves about to swallow them. But the waves stop in mid air and retreat. The aliens have taught mankind a lesson and tell Bud to love his wife too. The aliens bring back the rig to the surface of the sea and reunite Bud and Lindsey, while the navy watches over. The action is terribly slow, the plot is terribly predictable. An unbelievable quantity of embarassing Hollywood stereotypes.

    The only appeal comes from the sophisticated underwater sequences and the complex machinery employed. Harry is a secret service agent who is so "secret" that even his wife, Helen, believes he is only a salesman and they are living the simplest of middle-class lives. Harry, instead, is involved in extremely dangerous and bloody missions. Harry and his partner Gib who just staged a spectacular raid on a Swiss chalet are after an organization of Arab terrorists, which they believe centers around an attractive oriental woman, Juno, and which may have acquired nuclear bombs.

    In reality, Juno only an employee of the organization. A major distration is that one day Harry overhears his wife, a humble secretary, accepting a lunch appointment with a mystery man, Simon, a used car salesman. As he has neglected her one times too many, it is not surprising that she decided to explore other romantic avenues. The investigation turns from surveilling terrorists to surveilling Harry's wife. Simon romances Helen and even proposes to her. As he is about to make love to her, Harry's pals stage a massive attack on his house and kidnap Helen.

    Helen is taken to a room where is interrogated by Harry and Gib, who are hiding behind a glass screen. The interrogation is all about her personal life. She confesses she is a frustrated housewife who, for a second, dreamed of an adventurous life. Harry decides to give her the thrill of her life. He tells her she must work for them or go to prison. She accepts and he gives her an assignment in which she has to impersonate a call girl. They meet in a hotel room. She doesn't recognize her husband as the customer for whom she has to strip.

    She rebels when he starts touching her and finally finds that her customer is her husband. But right at that moment the Arabs break in and kidnap them she thinks they are after her. They are taken into an airplane, where they are welcome by Juno, and transported to the bunker where they blackmail Harry into cooperating with their nuclear plans in return for the release of his wife. The leader of the terrorist blows up an island off the coast of Florida as a demonstration and threatens to blow up one American city a week.

    Harry manages to escape but the terrorists hold his wife still dressed like a hooker. It takes a spectacular action to rescue her. Unfortunately, some of the terrorists have escaped and now they have kidnapped his daughter. The girl steals the key that controls the nuclear arsenal and the chief terrorist chase her over the scaffolding of a skyscraper.

    Harry pilots a fighter plane to rescue her, and she jumps on the cockpit cover. The terrorist jumps too and hangs on to the tail of the plane. Harry manouvers the plane to get rid of the terrorist while the girl swings wildly in the sky. L'oggetto urta il sottomarino ma causa solo pochi minuti di turbolenza.

    Per le operazioni di salvataggio, la Marina militare conta su piattaforma petrolifera in grado di lavorare a grandi profondita'. E' gestita da Bud che invia una spedizione condotta dalla scontrosa Lindsey, progettatrice della piattaforma stessa. Mentre la piattaforma e' isolata dal mondo esterno, a bordo si combatte una guerra tra forti personalita' perennemente discordanti. Bud e Lindsey incominciano ad odiarsi proprio mentre devono fronteggiare il misterioso alieno. In superficie e' in corso un'altra guerra: la scoperta, diventata ben presto internazionale, costringe gli USA ad ammonire l'Unione Sovietica colpevole di aver inviato militari in quell'area.

    In breve il mondo si trova sull'orlo di un conflitto nucleare. Bud ed i suoi sommozzatori entrano nel sottomarino ma trovano solo corpi privi di vita. Uno dei sommozzatori scorge qualche cosa, terrorizzato e colto dal panico danneggia il proprio equipaggiamento: viene trovato in coma. Lindsey, da una navetta vicino al sottomarino, scorge un lampo dall'origine misteriosa. Bud e Lindsey rimangono intrappolati nella piattaforma sottomarina stavano riparando una stazione spaziale? Lindsey esce per riparare il danno e ha un incontro ravvicinato co l'alieno, simile ad un elfo trasparente, e con la sua nave spaziale assomigliante ad una gigantesca ameba.

    Una volta tornata nella piattaforma pero' nessuno le crede. Due uomini della Marina, sotto il comando dello psicotico Coffee, si chiudono in una camera con due armi nucleari recuperati dal sottomarino. Lindsey cerca di sottrarle al loro controllo ma e' chiaro che la missione segreta non e' per salvare degli uomini.

    Durante la notte un alieno entra nella piattaforma tutto viene mostrato con la visione deformante dell'alieno per cercare Lindsey. Questa volta lo vede l'intero equipaggio. Lindsey comprende che non ha intenzioni di fare del male e addirittura ci gioca; la cosa intende prendere le bombe nucleari e Coffee chiudendo il portello taglia in due l'alieno. Coffee intende uccidere l'alieno con la bomba e, per questo, rinchiude tutti gli altri.

    Bud riesce a fuggire e attaccare Coffee che, lasciata la bomba, fugge a bordo di un veicolo sottomarino. Bud recupera la bomba e la lega ad un tubo metallico. Attaccato da Coffee, Bud sta per essere ucciso quando Lindsey, a bordo di un altro veicolo, lo salva. Inseguiti da Coffee i due fuggono nelle profondita' del mare. Dopo una mini Star Wars sottomarina, Coffee si schianta e muore ma le bombe, slegatesi, precipitano. Anche Bud e Lindsey si trovano nei guai: il loro veicolo e' danneggiato ed imbarcano acqua.

    • Striker Jones and the Midnight Archer (Striker Jones Economics for Kids Mysteries Book 2).
    • The captain goes down with the ship.
    • Solutions Manual to Accompany Statistics and Probability with Applications for Engineers and Scientists?
    • Calmer: Medical Events with Cognitively Impaired Children.
    • Scala Archives - Collection: titanic -!
    • Exemplary Science: Best Practices in Professional Development (Exemplary Science Monograph Series Book 4).
    • Bud torna a nuoto sulla piattaforma trascinando il corpo di Lindsey, ma Lindsey non ce la fa. Bud tenta di rianimarla e, alla fine, ci riesce. Bud parte in missione solitaria per aiutare gli alieni ma sono gli stessi alieni a salvarlo e a portarlo nella navetta spaziale. Comunicano con Bud grazie ad immagini proiettate su uno schermo gigante dove giganteschi tsuna mi, scatenati da loro, distruggono tutti i paesi del mondo perche' l'umanita', colpevole di troppi peccati, venga punita.

      Bud vede persone in preda al panico sul punto di essere inghiottite da onde che, invece, si fermano a mezz'aria e retrocedono. Gli alieni hanno dato una lezione all'umanita' e chiedono a Bud che egli ami sua moglie. Gli alieni riportano la piattaforma in superficie e, mentre Bud e Lindsey si riconciliano, la Marina sorveglia. Gli eventi si svolgono in maniera terribilmente lenta e la trama e' assurdamente prevedibile; senza contare poi la presenza di una quantita' incredibile di stereotipi hollywoodiani. Gli unici elementi gradevoli sono le sequenze subacquee ed i congegni.

      True Lies e' una parodia di James Bond o meglio, una parodia di Die Hard Harry e' un agente segreto, molto segreto. Persino sua moglie, Helen, crede che sia un semplice venditore e che insieme conducano una delle piu' classiche vite da ceto medio. Invece Harry e' coinvolto in missioni sanguinose e pericolosissime. Harry e Gib, suo collega ed amico appostato come copertura per una spettacolare incursione in uno chalet svizzero sono sulle tracce di un'organizzazione terroristica araba, - manovrata da un'attraente donna orientale, Juno - forse intenzionata all'acquisto di bombe nucleari.

      Juno in realta' e' solo una pedina della organizzazione. Dei sicari tentano di uccidere Harry: ne deriva un ridicolo inseguimento a cavallo e motocicletta nei corridoi di un hotel. Harry attraversa fontane e sale sull'ascensore, tutto cio' a cavallo, per prendere il terrorista con un ostaggio. Una variazione divertente incomincia quando Harry scopre per caso che sua moglie, una segretaria dimessa, ha accettato di andare a pranzo con un uomo misterioso, Simon, un venditore di auto usate. Dopo averla trascurata per tanto, troppo, tempo Gib n.

      L'obiettivo delle investigazioni cambia: dai terroristi alla moglie di Harry. Simon fa la corte ad Helen e le si dichiara. Proprio quando e' sul punto di fare l'amore con lei i compagni di Harry scagliano un massiccio attacco entrando nella sua casa e rapiscono Helen. Helen, condotta in una stanza, e' interrogata da Harry e Gib nascosti dietro uno specchio.

      L'interrogatorio riguarda esclusivamente la sua vita personale. Confessa di essere una donna frustrata che, almeno per un momento, ha sognato una vita piena di avventure. Harry decide di darle una vita entusiasmante; le dice che deve lavorare per loro se non vuole andare in prigione.

      Helen accetta e le viene dato un compito: impersonare una ragazza squillo. L'incontro avviene in una stanza d'albergo. Helen non riconosce che il cliente che ha richiesto lo strip e' suo marito. Solo quando incomincia a toccarla si ribella e, finalmente, se ne accorge. Ma, proprio in quel momento, gli arabi irrompono nella stanza e li rapiscono H. Fatti salire su di un aereo, dove e' Juno ad accoglierli, sono portati nel covo dove intendono ricattare Harry perche' collabori con loro se rivuole sua moglie.

      Il capo dei terroristi come dimostrazione distrugge un'isola al largo della Florida e minaccia di fare altrettanto con una citta' americana alla settimana. Harry progetta di scappare ma i terroristi hanno sua moglie vestita ancora come una squillo. Per salvarla da' vita ad imprese spettacolari. Sfortunatamente alcuni dei terroristi riusciti a fuggire hanno rapito sua figlia. La ragazza presa una chiave di controllo delle testate nucleare viene inseguita dal capo dei terroristi sulle impalcature di un grattacielo.

      Harry prende in prestito un aereo da combattimento per salvarla e la spinge a saltare sulla plancia. Anche il terrorista si lancia e si aggrappa alla coda dell'aeroplano. Harry manovra l'aeroplano per sbarazzarsi del terrorista mentre la ragazza viene sballottata pericolosamente. Cameron co-scripted Kathryn Bigelow's Strange Days Titanic is in many ways the continuation of Abyss , If English is your first language and you could translate this text, please contact me. Scroll down for recent reviews in english. Una centenaria sente la notizia per radio e telefona per identificarsi come la donna del disegno.

      Disperata, stava per gettarsi in mare quando un giovane, Jack, che aveva vinto il biglietto del Titanic a poker, la convinse a non farlo. Rose viveva nel lusso, controllata dalla madre, un ghiacciolo interessata soltanto a salvare le fortune della famiglia tramite un buon matrimonio, e dal fidanzato, un essere vile e sprezzante. Con la vita dei saloni e della prima classe contrasta la folla dei miserabili che vive nella stiva e la folla dei macchinisti che opera le caldaie.

      Il fidanzato, per vendicarsi, fece credere che Jack avesse rubato il diamante e lo fece arrestare. Ironia della sorte, il diamante rimase nella tasca della sua giacca. La nave cola a picco in una scena lunga e insopportabile, il kitsch del catastrofico. Alla fine rimangono centinaia di disgraziati a sguazzare nell'acqua gelida dell'oceano e fra questi anche Jack e Rose.

      Jack mette in salvo Rose su un pezzo di legno ma muore assiderato. Una delle scialuppe torna indietro e trova Rose ancora viva. La va a cercare fra i superstiti, ma lei si nasconde, preferisce farsi credere morta. Ora, vecchia, guarda l'oceano: in tasca ha ancora il diamante, e lo getta in mare. Avatar is a random collection of stereotypes and dejavus, the ultimate implausible plot with implausible characters in an implausible world, with frequent plagiarizing of old sci-fi and adventure movies.

      Inside a "Space Odyssey"-like spaceship humans are preparing for a mission. There are three entities at work. The scientists want to explore and better understand the planet Pandora. A corporation has the mission to obtain control of the largest reserves ever discovered of a precious mineral which is no longer oil in that future, but you get the point.

      And the army is there to "protect" the mission with its high-tech helicopters and cyborgs. The problem is a savage tribe that inhabits that region and needs to be infiltrated and convinced to cooperate. The scientists, led by the tough-talking and chain-smoking Grace, can create "avatars" of people who look like the natives. Jake has been selected for this mission because he is the brother, and therefore shares the same genes, of a renown scientist who died. Jake is actually a former soldier who is now paralyzed below the belly and therefore on a wheelchair. However, his avatar will have all the strength and agility of a warrior.

      The avatars can be recalled at any time by pressing a button that reactivates the real human and temporarily kills the avatar. Jake immediately masters the new body and enjoys being able to run and jump again. A native mostly-naked girl saves him from a pack of wolf-like creatures by showing her dexterity with the bow. She tells him that he is stupid, ignorant and childish but she likes that he is fearless. He first experiences the magic of the forest when he gets surrounded by tiny medusa-like spirits.

      The horse-riding and spear-branding savages capture him and take him to their chief in a scene modeled after a million Indian movies. The chief conveniently entrusts him to the girl, Neytiri, who is his daughter, to get the training necessary to become a member of their tribe.

      Grace pushes the button and brings him back to camp where he relates his adventures with the tribe: his job is to spy on them, infiltrate them and then betray them. He keeps going back and forth between human in the laboratory and avatar in the forest , filing report after report while getting better and better at living like them.

      The tribe lives just like the old "Indian" tribes of the USA, except that on Pandora they also have flying horses. He passes all the tests and is accepted by the tribe. The girl takes him to the most sacred place and they make love. Just then the giant machine of the corporation begins mowing the jungle on its way towards the mineral deposits.

      The colonel in charge of the military terminates the avatars of Jake and Grace, who are trying to stop the aggression. Jake is given one hour to convince the tribe to evacuate or they will all be killed by the army.

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      Jake's avatar returns, accompanied by Grace's avatar, to the forest and confesses to the tribe that he came as a spy to help destroy them and did a very good job. Now the girl obviously hates him.

      Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition) Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition)
      Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition) Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition)
      Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition) Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition)
      Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition) Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition)
      Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition) Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition)
      Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition) Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition)
      Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition) Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition)
      Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition) Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition)
      Le luci del Titanic (True) (Italian Edition)

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