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Even though he was abused and in pain, Blue never showed it. His main priority was showing love to everyone who had helped him, showcasing his incredible character. Blue underwent extensive surgery, having his lips repaired and dead tissue removed. He also went through laser treatments. Blue was extremely thin and many of his injuries appeared to be older - meaning that the abuse had likely gone on for some time. As his injuries healed and he continued to show nothing but love, the day finally came that Blue had been waiting for - his new family came to take him home.

Blue is now 7 months old, and couldn't be doing better.

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His new family has even started an Instagram account for him, showcasing his new life. Blue has already become extremely attached to his new family, and rarely lets them out of his sight. Marmarosa made his first recordings as leader in , with trio tracks that included Ray Brown on bass and Jackie Mills on drums, and in a quartet with saxophonist Lucky Thompson added. According to Mills, his housemate in —47, "Dodo was the most dedicated of players. He practiced an incredible amount of hours, often all day long. He wouldn't stop to eat.

He would eat at the piano with one hand and keep playing with the other.

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He had no other interests that I was aware of. He could play forever. The piano was his life. He heard things in his head that he wasn't able to play and it frustrated him. Once, he got mad at the old upright piano we had and chopped it up with an axe. In the spring of Marmarosa returned to Pittsburgh because of illness.

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For around a decade, Marmarosa was much less active as a musician. They were from the old school, they saw it as a stigma. I got into a big argument about it with his father. He really blew up. In , two years after marrying, Marmarosa moved with his wife and their two daughters to California. It tore him apart".

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A tour of a few months in Charlie Spivak 's band in preceded Marmarosa being drafted into the army the following year. Marmarosa departed for California by car in , but problems with the vehicle halted him in Chicago. He just drank an awful lot, shot and a beer all day long. It would've put nine out of ten people under the table, but he was still walking around. Marmarosa continued to perform in Pittsburgh, albeit irregularly.

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  • He didn't even know who I was". For the rest of his life, Marmarosa alternated between living with his sister Doris' family and in a veterans' hospital, both in the Pittsburgh area. Pianist Dick Katz wrote that, "In the opinion of many, Dodo Marmarosa was the most gifted of all the pianists who figured in the bebop saga.

    Blessed with a beautiful legato touch and a fluid technique, he developed an original style, which [ He combined advanced chordal and scalar elements with graceful rhythmic phrasing. In some of his playing, Marmarosa was progressively bebop-directed, employing melodies derived from the harmony and varying the rhythmic positioning of accents; soon after, he added more space to his playing, using shorter sequences of notes than typical in bebop.

    Blue Featuring Elton John - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Official Video)

    Critic and musician Brian Priestley wrote that "What was so distinctive about Dodo's work was partly his harmonic sense and knowledge of the additional notes [ Partly it was also the way he alternated between employing his hands together and in opposition to each other, and allied to this was his unusual time feeling. By the time of his s recordings, Marmarosa had a more relaxed playing style. Pianist Cecil Taylor commented in that "The first modern pianist who made any impression on me was Dodo Marmarosa, with Charlie Barnet.

    Compilations of previously released material, and recordings from or for radio broadcasts, are not listed. Main sources: [5] [30] [31] [32].

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    The Do-Do Blues The Do-Do Blues
    The Do-Do Blues The Do-Do Blues
    The Do-Do Blues The Do-Do Blues
    The Do-Do Blues The Do-Do Blues
    The Do-Do Blues The Do-Do Blues

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