The Afghan File Affair

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File:Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Zalmai Rassoul - Wikimedia Commons

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IntelBrief: U.S. Endgame in Afghanistan

When Natalia goes missing, Nick goes on the hunt for the w Natalia has been kidnapped by Italian mobsters, under the employment of Arab terrorists. A film is missing-one that exposes the names of Arab terrorists trained in East Germany and sent undercover to America in an effort to install Muslim sharia law. Natalia will be executed if the film is not recovered, but Nick has no clue where to start.

With the help of the American Mafia and Italy's secret police, Nick's comfortable life as a journalist is turned upside down as he learns the truth about terrorist cells in Europe and their horrific plans for the future.

File:Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Zalmai Rassoul crop.jpg

He is driven to save Natalia, but the reality of the Arab master plan is much more terrifying than anyone could have expected. When will my order arrive? What happens if the goods are damaged when I open them up? You might also like. Ships in days.

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Add To Cart. Blessed are the Cracked Delphine Richards. He brings extensive knowledge to the narrative, weaving truth and fiction into what could have been a truly entertaining thriller. Unfortunately, only a few scenes actually elicit any suspense or excitement.

Much of the story is filled with bits of history of the places that Nick visits, but they have no bearing on the plot. The book is also scattered with photographs that are unnecessary and distract from the flow of the narrative. Beyond that, superficial character development of Nick and the rest of the players makes it hard to know them, or how they may be thinking and feeling. Nick briefly meets contact after contact, never knowing their true roles in the vast conspiracy, and little to nothing is revealed about the film. This causes the story to drag on with hardly any development.

In addition, all these meetings run together without information about how much time has passed, or how long Natalia is held hostage.

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  4. The most egregious error is the lack of attention to important details, which severely undermines the credibility of the adventure and the history involved. The author clearly establishes the setting as mid s; however, the Clinton administration is referenced twice. Kasper clearly has considerable knowledge of Cold War era Italy, and his eagerness to share this with the world is made obvious with the information and pictures throughout the book.

    The story seems to be an afterthought, a means to share this knowledge. Anyone interested in the backdrop without the drudgery of a history book may find The Afghan File Affair an interesting read. Reviewed by Shannan Spitz March 12, Disclosure: This article is not an endorsement, but a review.

    The Afghan File Affair The Afghan File Affair
    The Afghan File Affair The Afghan File Affair
    The Afghan File Affair The Afghan File Affair
    The Afghan File Affair The Afghan File Affair
    The Afghan File Affair The Afghan File Affair

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