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The two were unable to feed upon this despair, but D'Spayre was and he become more powerful than the two of them. Realising that D'Spayre had manipulated them, the Dweller attacked him, but D'Spayre destroyed the Dweller's robotic body. His head, the only living part of the Dweller escaped. The Dweller has the ability to generate fear in other living beings.

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This fear in turn sustains and empowers the Dweller, allowing him to generate even more fear. He also has other undefined mystical powers: he can create independent creatures out of fear like D'Spayre and he can turn humans who die under his influence into Shade-Thralls, beings made of shadow with superhuman strength.

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Strong light can kill or banish these thralls. The Dweller is immortal, doesn't age and even the sorceress Zhered-Na , assisted by powerful beings like Agamotto and Valka , could only banish him, not destroy him. The " Way of the Shamblu ", the Dweller's chosen path in life, involved a ritual where the Dweller removed his head from his own body.

His body died, but his head lived on, now as a corporeal being, whereas the other inhabitants of Everinnye are more ethereal. The Dweller's head is attached to a robotic body, which possesses superhuman strength, but it can detach and move with the tentacles near its mouth in case of emergency. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. They are also said to grow their own variant of Onionhead for private consumption. Rumour has it they did a deal with Georgio Algeria or one of his entourage to help them in their fight against the Federation. Develop your relationship with him to discover another engineer. The Dweller is an engineer who specialises in thermal weapons and Power Distributors. You can use his skills to modify your ship's modules beyond their standard levels.

His allegiance is independent and his base is Black Hide, located in the Wyrd system. Close singular dweller plural dwellers.

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