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His book of stories, when it was published in , came covered with praise. It's not difficult to see why. For me, he is the most original comic writer in the United States today. And much of his comic vision stems direc-. More than any other Southern writer alive, Walker Percy excepted, Hannah knows how everyone speaks in the South, black and white, and he has managed to forge out his own distinctive narrative voice, in which all the old Southern idioms seem newly coined, and in which the black humor of farcical situation rarely seems stilted or contrived because the rhythms and stops of the style are those of the spoken word.

In fact, even though Hannah knows how everyone else talks, he always tells his own and the underlying Hannah voice, delighting in verbal strutting, idiomatic extremes, and the odd ripe conjunction of extraordinary adjective with the colloquial noun, happily prevails no matter what character is doing the actual narrating. Here is one writer, thank God, who cares less about the objective correlative than about the self -amused sudden dramatic emphasis of Southern hyperbole.

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But there is nothing homely or jocular about Hannah's stories. To my mind, it is the best story in the volume, but all this means is that it is the best of a miraculous crop. This seems to be a completly satisfactory way to spend the evenings until the lying is stopped short by even more outrageous truth. Word, his high school tennis coach whom he has come to hate, and Dr.

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Levaster, his drunken, slightly crazed and slightly jealous friend and reviver. But in a collection this abundant and original, picking out favorites can be misleading. I am glad to have them all. Two years ago, in preparing a new edition of the anthology Stories of the Modern South, Patrick Samway and I made only a few from the original selection of It began this review by stating that Peter Taylor's In the Miro District and Chappell's Moments of Light were convincing proof that new life continues to be injected into the now rather ancient mode of modern realism.

This is a form that derives, for most Southern writers, from Joyce's Dubliners, and its powerful dramatic fusions of symbolism and naturalism. I have already mentioned some of the stories in the Chappell book. They seem abandoned, but they are just along aimlessly, across the river from the angry town on strike. The girl finds a doll whose foot has been sliced off, and this single sudden discovery manages to charge three pages of prose with all the fear and hopeless fascination lost innocence can feel and evoke.

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Nothing rings false, neither the speech nor the music, and Stovebolt's performance at Blue Dive, which pleases the people but fails to land him a job, convincingly dramatizes one of the themes of Southern writing, the lasting seductive force of man's value expressed in his art even in a world where the most powerful means are used to deprive him of it. When we last see Stovebolt he is all by himself- again; but he is nonetheless right at home and still thinking :. Stovebolt Johnson was walking again, under the midnight sky, under the stars.

The highway shone a dim grainy gray in the starlight, before and behind him stretching away forever. He didn't have to walk ; he was planning to flag down and board the first bus that came either way.

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  4. But he liked the motion of it, the easy rocking forward that set up a rhythm in his head. He hummed aimlessly, his body still warm even in the cold wind. In a little new words to Sovebolt's Blues came to him ; and he tried them out as he walked along, not singing but murmuring almost tonelessly. Now I been down to the place call Hawk's Blue Dive. Yes I been down now, place call Hawk's Blue Dive. I got to tell you, baby, I didn't know if I'd come back alive. He thought about the words and then decided that they would do all right.

    Yes indeed, they would do just fine. There was one clear yellow star that stood in the sky directly behind the twiggy tip of a wild cherry tree. As the wind moved, the tip kept brushing through the light of it. But, Stovebolt knew, it was never going to brush that light away.

    He reached into his shirt pocket and took out the bar of chewing tobacco and began to unwrap it. With writers such as Chappell, Hannah, and Phillips, not to by name again all the other first-rate writers of short stories now working on their third, fourth, and fifth collections, there is nothing to complain about in the literary South.

    Whatever the state of the contemporary story in the rest of the world, or in the rest of the United States, in today's South it continues to be the most living literary form, still capable of bringing together, in bright new narratives, the communal mind and the individual voice. Meanwhile, daily water use for the city has crept higher over the past year.

    Combine this with a complex political climate and historical distrust of state policies, and it is easy to understand that a sustained unified effort to conserve water is fraught with tension. Cape Town is making a longer-term effort to diversify its water resources, but that too is prompting concerns.

    Projects to desalinate ocean water and tap the aquifer beneath the city have proven far more expensive than initially thought, and have also faced questions about their environmental impacts on local ecosystems and overall sustainability. An increase in private wells drilled by wealthier households has added pressure to the future availability of this source. For now, the city and its residents are still enduring moderate drought conditions. Urban water restrictions remain in place, although less strict than before, and the legacy of the drought can still be seen all around Cape Town.

    Many businesses continue to remind customers to restrict their usage in signs taped to bathroom mirrors and above toilets. Christian Alexander is a lawyer and spatial planner who works in the U. He writes about cities and sustainability. Is this a retreat from the open office or the next phase of it? We need more stories about the labor that sustains society, a group of scholars say. Is is worth moving? But Oregon has long been a pioneer in tight land-use controls that promote dense urban development.

    Christian Alexander clbalexander Feed Christian Alexander is a lawyer and spatial planner who works in the U.

    Three Stories South Three Stories South
    Three Stories South Three Stories South
    Three Stories South Three Stories South
    Three Stories South Three Stories South
    Three Stories South Three Stories South

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