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That creates a problem though! Since all but eight were drowned by the waters of that time so must have the mortal, perishable bodies of those angels drowned too. These angels left their human shell behind and escaped to the immediate atmosphere. The brother of Jesus, Jude, confirms this development in his letter the bears his name. Instead, he imprisoned them in Tartarus, a prison for spirits here on earth.

This creates another conundrum though as we shall shortly see.

Writing to the congregation of Ephesus in the first century C. How is it that these fallen angels are still roaming about after all these thousands of years?


The Bible remains silent to this seemingly unresolved puzzle, nevertheless, other extra-Biblical sources provide a satisfying answer. The Book of Jubilees an ancient Jewish religious work of 50 chapters that deal with the traditions of the Jews provides us with a glimpse of the events that followed immediately after the Flood of Noah and the settlement of the sons of Noah in the new earth.

Early fathers of the Church make reference to it and frequently quote from its pages such as Origen, Justin the Martyr and Diodorus of Tarsus to name a few. Until recently only a few fragmental parts of this book existed dating back to the 15th century C.


And He said: Let the tenth part of them remain before him, and let nine parts descend into the place of condemnation. It would seem from this passage that in the aftermath of the Flood of Noah these fallen angels were still around for a limited time pending their imprisonment. Satan requested that not all be imprisoned but a tenth at least to remain with him as part of his post-flood demonic administration.

Satan feels that it his right to exercise power over mankind as part of his arrangement with God to prove his claims that man will only worship God from selfish motives. Although the book of Jubilees is not on the same level as the Bible it does shed light and gives us needed information to fill in the gaps of the destiny of the fallen angels after the Flood. It also bonds well with everything we know well so far.

It explains how it is possible to have fallen angels in two different places , in the Abyss and in our immediate heaven. It also explains well that Jehovah allowed Satan not only prove his claims after the Flood but also provided him with enough angelic power to run his administration over the nations. Previous Post Will the earth be destroyed by fire?

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Religious children's programming appears to come in two varieties: horrifying trash with bad messages and worse morals, or well-made entertainment with bad messages and worse morals. Today we're talking about Superbook, and come jump inside a big book that looks like a UFO to find out which spectrum Superbook falls into. Noah's Snark welcomes guest Hannah once again to discuss the terror that was the '70s and to get a glimpse at the movie that inspired Left Behind!

In this delightfully unvarnished episode of Noah's Snark, Josh and Hillary bring in new recruit Hannah to play a board game on a mic, because that seemed like a great idea at the time. They will fight various Bible-villains at the docks, the basement of the church, and various other places along the way all in pursuit of unsupervised children.

Episode 43 - Touched by an Angel, Thanksgiving Specials

It's about as weird as it sounds. Let's face it, life can be hard. Sometimes shit happens and what you need is an uplifting, insightful, courageous movie to set you on the right path. I'm sorry to say, this is not that movie. Today, Josh and Hillary cringe through "Loving the Bad Man" and discuss whether kindness is always the right choice. What happens when a Nu-Metalist makes a Christian Rock album? So come along, friends, as we explore the results of one man quitting Korn and cleaning up his life before making an album chronicling it all.

What happened to the angels of Noah’s days?

Have a few questions to ask the almighty? So do we. And so does the hapless protagonist of today's episode. Steel yourself, friends. The answers may not be what you sought. What's a talking toaster, haunted mirrors, love for vests, a barking dog with responsibility, and sympathy for a bully have to do with today's subject? Guess you're gonna have to listen to find out. Hey kids, don't do drugs.

Unless you believe in the power of Christ.

What happened to the angels of Noah’s days? |

In which case you're probably safe. Join the Noah's Snark crew as we learn what dweebs know about that party life and more! This one is a classic if you know anything about the genre we cover on the show.

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A kids television show about an apparent superhero dressed in a manner to cause horror to the adults in the room. Whoops, I just described every Christian kids TV show.

Noahs Angel Noahs Angel
Noahs Angel Noahs Angel
Noahs Angel Noahs Angel
Noahs Angel Noahs Angel
Noahs Angel Noahs Angel

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