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Working with state fisheries agencies, energy companies have converted decommissioned oil and gas platforms into manmade reefs in the U. Gulf of Mexico, Brunei and Malaysia. Californians prize their spectacular coastline, and there are disagreements over the rigs-to-reefs concept. Some conservation groups assert that abandoned oil rigs could release toxic chemicals into the water and create underwater hazards.

In contrast, supporters say the submerged sections have become productive reefs that should be left in place. We are a former research scientist for the U. Department of the Interior and a scholar focusing on the fishes of the Pacific coast. In a recent study, we reviewed the history of rigs-to-reefs conversions and decades of published scientific research monitoring the effects of these projects. Based on this record, we conclude that reefing the habitat under decommissioned oil and gas platforms is a viable option for California. It also could serve as a model for decommissioning some of the 7, other offshore platforms operating around the world.

Nearly every country in the world except the United States took a historic step to curb plastic waste last week, when more than nations agreed to add plastic to the Basel Convention, a treaty that regulates the movement of hazardous materials between countries. During negotiations last week in Geneva, the Environmental Protection Agency and State Department joined the plastics industry in trying to thwart the landmark, legally-binding agreement. Despite this, the United States will still be affected by the agreement, because countries will be able to block the dumping of mixed or unrecyclable plastic wastes from other nations.

The amended treaty will make it much more difficult for wealthy countries to send their plastic waste to poorer nations by prohibiting countries from exporting plastic waste that is not ready for recycling.

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Warren is an original co-sponsor of the Green New Deal resolution that was introduced in February, just two days before the Massachusetts Democrat officially kicked off her presidential campaign. But unlike many of her other proposals—from breaking up big tech and wiping out student debt to establishing universal childcare—this latest one was met with deep concern, not praise, from progressives. Grassroots climate campaigners in New York celebrated a major victory late Wednesday as Gov.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation DEC supported concerns brought up by opponents of the project when it ruled that construction of the pipeline would endanger marine life and release mercury and copper from sediment in the New York Bay and Raritan Bay. Houses of Parliament. She asks again later in her speech. Is my English O. Is my microphone on? Thunberg is not smiling. Castigating the powerful has become routine for the year-old. In December, she addressed the U.

Her London speech was the last stop of a tour that included meeting the Pope. We are all now a living experiment. Never before in human history have carbon dioxide levels reached parts per million. These levels were last seen maybe some 2. Back then, there was no Greenland and trees grew near the South Pole. Sea levels were much, much higher. Maybe 25 metres higher. It signals we are in deep, deep trouble. Before the industrial revolution it was ppm. And now it is ppm. We could have stopped the relentless rise of carbon dioxide, but we did not. In part the reason collectively we have failed to do so is the power of the oil companies and one of the most sophisticated public relations exercises ever undertaken to deny and obfuscate the truth.

The oil companies could have acted and kickstarted the renewable revolution, but they did not. But they knew. As Think Progress noted this week, one of the documents obtained by InsideClimate News into its investigation into what Exxon knew about climate science decades ago was an internal document from the Exxon Research and Engineering Company. Lavers said in an IMAS press release. The study led by IMAS researcher Dr Jennifer Lavers and published in the journal Scientific Reports estimated beaches on the Indian Ocean islands are littered with tonnes of plastic, including shoes and toothbrushes.

It made the announcement at a webinar on carbon farming which it hosted here in April. A full report of the webinar appears on the website of the The Energy Mix. The so-called Williams pipeline, named for the Oklahoma-based companies that would have operated it, would carry natural gas 37 miles from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and New York. The pipeline was planned to run 37 miles, connecting natural gas fields in Pennsylvania to New Jersey and New York.

Plastic pollution across the globe is suffocating our planet and driving Earth toward catastrophic climatic conditions if not curbed significantly and immediately, according to a new report by the Center for International Environmental Law CEIL. The massive economic shock following the banking collapse of —8 is the direct cause of the crisis of confidence which is affecting almost all the institutions of western representative democracy.

The banking collapse was not a natural event, like a tsunami. It was a direct result of man-made systems and artifices which permitted wealth to be generated and hoarded primarily through multiple financial transactions rather than by the actual production and sale of concrete goods, and which then disproportionately funnelled wealth to those engaged in the mechanics of the transactions. It was a rotten system, bound to collapse.

But unfortunately, it was a system in which the political elite were so financially bound that the consequences of collapse threatened their place in the social order. So collapse was prevented, by the use of the systems of government to effect the largest ever single event transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in the course of human history.

This method meant that the ordinary people did not immediately feel all the pain, but they certainly felt it over the following decade of austerity as the massive burden of public debt that had been loaded on the populace and simply handed to the bankers, crippled the public finances. The mechanisms of state and corporate propaganda kicked in to ensure that the ordinary people were told that rather than having been robbed, they had been saved. In the ensuing decade the wealth disparity between rich and poor has ever widened, to the extent that this week the BBC announced the UK now has billionaires, in a land where working people resort to foodbanks and millions of children are growing up in poverty.

With the mainstream media employed entirely in diverting them from the true causes of their difficult lives, it is hardly surprising that ordinary people do not necessarily understand why a society has arisen where working hard does not enable them to work, eat and stay warm, and why the economic prospects of their children look so bleak. But they know that something has gone very wrong, they witness the vast wealth disparities of our unequal society and the deliberate dismantling of communal and altruistic public provision in favour of privatisation, and they feel contempt for their ruling classes, be they political, media or just wealthy.

Our next guest is deeply involved in that work. Amin Husain is an artist and a core organizer with Decolonize This Place. He joins us now by phone from here in town. Welcome to CounterSpin, Amin Husain. In the wake of a litany of transgressions emanating from the ranks of HR departments and leadership teams of Uber, Google, and Microsoft ranging from discrimination, abuse, gaslighting, nepotism, anti-dissent, suppression, and retaliation against their own employees, Stans inside and outside of these same companies appear to be content with this flavor of cannibalism on a corporate scale.

It almost goes without saying, but this is fundamentally flawed on several fronts. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, according to a Business Insider poll. The legislative proposal would cap the interest rates that credit card companies and payday lenders can charge consumers at 15 percent. The surprising show of support from GOP voters for the goals of the bill suggests that the base of support for efforts to rein in loan sharks crosses party lines in ways that leaders of the Republican Party may be reluctant to admit.

In addition to the unexpected support from GOP voters, 73 percent of Democratic primary voters polled by Business Insider said they support the proposal. In addition to capping the interest rates that credit card companies charge, the bill would also allow the postal service to carry out certain financial functions, such as check-cashing and letting customers pay bills directly via the postal service, as a way to cut out profiteering middle-men institutions like payday lenders.

Critics were quick to argue that this would both create a credit squeeze as private companies move away from providing loans to riskier customers, and that it would also force cash-strapped credit card companies to do away with such perks as consumer loyalty rewards. Now, in proposing interest rate caps, progressive members of Congress are firmly siding with those who believe the financial industry needs to be regulated; that, left to its own devices, it cannot help but bend toward exploitation and usury.

And, if the polling numbers are accurate, in going after exploitative lenders, progressives have a grand opportunity to mine a vein of public discontent on the issue. National politics in the United States has become enslaved to macroeconomic indicators that have little bearing on true wellbeing.

For many commentators, the snapshot growth rate of 3. But this interpretation overlooks what these indicators fail to measure. And what they fail to measure happens to be what really counts for the public. In defending the tax cut, to which he attributes an additional 1. As a firm believer in the rationality of the public, Barro should consider what the public actually says.

The public is looking beyond any temporary boost in spending and is concerned about growing income and wealth inequality and the soaring budget deficit. Following Barro himself via Ricardo , they most likely surmise that future tax hikes are on the way. Continuing opposition to the tax cuts is not the only sign of public dismay.

Others are even more notable. Macroeconomic indicators hide much about the quality of life. The US has experienced two consecutive years of declining life expectancy, in and — the longest consecutive decline since World War I and the subsequent flu epidemic. Yet the current decline is caused by despair, not by illness.

Suicide rates and opioid overdoses are soaring. The bill forcefully addresses a grave threat to American democracy—outdated election technologies used in polling places all over the country that run the risk of recording inaccurate votes or even allowing outside actors to maliciously interfere with the votes that individuals cast. The simple solution: paper ballots and audits of paper ballots. EFF along with security experts have long-supported this approach—arguing that the gold standard for security of our election infrastructure is paper ballots that are backed by risk-limiting audits an audit that statistically determines how many votes need to be recounted in order to confirm an election result.

As Sen. The last two decades have shown that the touchscreen and other machines used at polling places to cast votes are not only susceptible to tampering, but also that the outdated software and poorly configured settings lead to countless problems like inaccurately recording votes or large drop-offs on down-ballot races. Joachim B. Olsen added. Salon Media says they have reached an 11th hour deal to sell the company and its flagship property Salon. There sure are lots to choose from. By now, more than 20 candidates have announced a run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Admittedly, the Democratic base is, for the most part, unconcerned with minor matters like forever war. From the tents constructed for the event, music flooded into the village and, as at any good wedding, exuberant dancing was a central part of the festivities. Unbeknownst to the guests, the music masked the buzzing of a warplane overhead. Deafened by the explosion, guests fearfully searched for loved ones in a sea of confusion and body parts. In a telling photo, the flowery wreaths worn by celebrants lie atop a landscape of rubble. Nor did they sway most Republicans in Congress to use their override power to kill the veto on May 2nd.

Obviously, this is the case for the American defense companies that have been supplying weapons and equipment of all sorts to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates UAE in their ongoing war. In , more than a dozen such firms were working on behalf of the Saudis or the Emiratis, while also providing their services to defense contractors whose weapons are being used in the conflict.

Cheri Bustos D-Ill. Dan Lipinski D-Ill. Anyone who tries to tell you that corruption is only a Republican problem or only a Democratic problem is a partisan hack.

Life of Pakistanis and Indian Asylum Seekers in South Korea .

Corruption is not the exclusive province of one political party and never has been. Two recent scandals show that corruption is a bipartisan problem. On the Republican side, earlier this month, conservative operative David Bossie was accused of misdirecting funds he had ostensibly been raising for Trump-aligned Republican candidates. Citizens United was the named plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that allowed corporations to spend unlimited money on political ads. Facebook said Thursday it banned an Israeli company that ran an influence campaign aimed at disrupting elections in various countries and has canceled dozens of accounts engaged in spreading disinformation.

After that, the spot pivots to discussing President Donald Trump, with de Blasio drawing special attention to the fact that the president is a fellow New Yorker. From there, he denounces Trump for separating migrant families and pulling America out of the Paris climate agreement. Will the Democrats ever learn a how to message and b that the press, no matter what conservatives say, is not their friend?

To hell with knives and gunfights. This is bringing a pea-shooter to Omaha Beach. I think Nadler is a decent chairman. But, dammit, he holds the majority on the House Judiciary Committee and there is power in that. Spectacularly, it gets worse. The choice of the timing of this announcement raised some eyebrows though, as policy experts and politicians in Austria questioned why the Austrian chancellor had not made those reform proposals already last year during the Austrian EU presidency. A real reform and stronger Union is not in his interest.

I pray every day for a mass exodus from this hellsite. The attack on two high-profile groups, though seemingly isolated, has been felt by a substantial number of Facebook users. The incident is concentrated largely among a network of popular meme pages and groups. Apparently, this all flows from the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand. Perhaps the biggest misconception government officials hold about social media platforms is that moderation is easy. They find a few examples of stuff they think should be banned and they assume anyone can do the same thing, even when dealing with millions of uploads a minute.

Trudeau made the announcement during a speech in Paris at the Viva Technology conference. At that point, he pulled AdSense from all the user generated content. It made his life easier, but stopped the site from making money. Individual Wikipedia articles about sensitive issues, such as pro-democracy protests in Tiananmen Square and the Himalayan region of Tibet, have long been blocked in China, however, even while the main site is accessible. After months of fact-free complaints about bias against conservatives on social media, the White House has finally decided to engage in a fact-finding mission.

Who knows. In the wake of the mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, that killed fifty-one people and injured more than forty others, the New Zealand government has released a plan to combat terrorist and violent content online, dubbed the Christchurch Call. The Call has been endorsed by more than a dozen countries, as well as eight major tech companies.

The massacre, committed on March 15 by a New Zealand national connected with white supremacist groups in various countries, was intentionally live-streamed and disseminated widely on social media. Although most companies acted quickly to remove the video, many New Zealanders—and others around the world—saw it by accident on their feeds. The meeting included not only digital rights and civil liberties organizations including EFF , but also those working on countering violent extremism CVE and against white supremacy. In the days prior to the meeting, members of civil society from dozens of countries worked together to create a document outlining recommendations, concerns, and points for discussion for the meeting see PDF at bottom.

As is too often the case, civil society was invited late to the conversation, which rather unfortunately took place during Ramadan. That said, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern attended the meeting personally and engaged directly with civil society members for several hours to understand our concerns about the Call—a rather unprecedented move, in our experience. Yesterday, there was a big process, called the Christchurch Call, in which a bunch of governments and big social media companies basically agreed to take a more proactive role in dealing with terrorist and violent extremist content online.

Many people — including lawyers I know — had been under the impression that this case ended a long time ago, but it has actually continued for nearly two and a half years. As you may recall, back in September of , the district court dismissed the case, largely on First Amendment grounds, saying that everything we wrote about Ayyadurai was protected speech. For the past 18 months, we have held ongoing negotiations to settle the case, which concluded with the announcement earlier this week. No money exchanged hands.

We have no interest in silencing anyone. We continue to stand by everything that we wrote about those claims, and suggest that you read our posts as well. You may wonder how it could possibly take 18 months to negotiate a settlement about adding links to old articles — and, indeed, I wonder that myself. The entire process has been quite a pain for us. I cannot and would not describe this result as a victory, because this has been nearly two and a half years of wasted time, effort, resources, attention and money just to defend our right to report on a public figure and explain to the world that we do not believe his claims to have invented email are correct, based on reams of evidence.

Unfair and inconsistent online censorship magnifies existing power imbalances, giving people who already have the least power in society fewer places where they are allowed a voice online. So the White House launched this week a website inviting people to report examples of being banned online because of political bias. The website leads users through a series of forms seeking their names, citizenship status, email address, social media handles, and examples of the censorship they encountered.

People are required to accept a user agreement that permits the U. In response to this and other tragic attacks where the attackers have used online platforms or services to publish and propagate abhorrent violent material, governments around the world are scrambling to enact new, far-reaching laws or policies in an effort to clamp down on speech posted or shared on social media platforms. Addressing the root causes and means of perpetuating violence against communities is a legitimate and critically important public policy objective.

However, a rushed response that targets online speech but ignores the systemic issues behind it would put fundamental rights at risk while also failing to prevent attacks. Below is our response to the Call, including what we consider valuable, what needs work, and our recommendations for continued engagement on these critical issues for our societies.

In October , in response to threats of a mass deportation campaign by the Trump administration, the California legislature passed S. Among these measures, the legislature prohibited agencies from providing personal information such as a home or work address for the purposes of enforcing immigration laws. The digital rights group Privacy International has won a major victory against UK government surveillance after a five-year legal battle. One of the many shocking revelations of Edward Snowden was that the UK security and intelligence services break into computers and mobile phones on a massive scale.

That left law enforcement with a lot a gray area in which to operate. Since there was no distinct finding that GPS data was protected, it could theoretically be harvested from third-party devices without a warrant. It appears law enforcement thought it had found a way to route around the Jones decision. Investigating a robbery, detectives approached the dealership that had sold the vehicle spotted at the scene of the crime. The dealership had installed a tracking device to make the car easier to find in case of a repo.

This was the data detectives obtained without a warrant. A part of me thinks that as I said, these changes would remove less relevant posts and friends from my News Feed. Facebook is still reeling from the fallout from its Cambridge Analytica scandal more than a year ago, as multiple former recruiters say candidates are turning down job offers from what was once considered the best place to work in the United States.

More than half a dozen recruiters who left Facebook in recent months told CNBC that the tech company experienced a significant decrease in job offer acceptance rates after the March Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which a data firm improperly accessed the data of 87 million Facebook users and used it to target ads for Donald Trump in the presidential election. The company faces cutthroat competition for talent from other top tech companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and countless start-ups.

In December , the career website Glassdoor released its annual list of the best places to work. On the list, Facebook ranked in seventh place and got a 4. In the previous iteration of the list, the social media company ranked 1st. A recent report from CNBC highlights the further reverberations of this trend. The report claims that more than 12 recruiters who left Facebook recently told reporters that the company has been continuously witnessing a steep decline in job offer acceptance rate. The decline was significant in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data breach that leaked the data of millions of Facebook users.

And in San Francisco, the use of facial recognition tech by law enforcement is — and apparently will remain — theoretical. To date, no local law enforcement agency has deployed facial recognition tech in San Francisco. This bill is the only one in the California legislature today to strengthen enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA , an important privacy law passed last year and slated to go into effect in January.

The CCPA established important rights, but lacks the bite it needs to back up its bark. A private right of action means that every person can act as their own privacy enforcer. But failing to protect against data breaches is not the only way that companies violate our privacy and abuse our trust. Yekaterinburg Mayor Alexander Vysokinsky has suspended the construction of a cathedral in October Square Park, delivering a surprising, if temporary, victory for demonstrators who have protested the project for four consecutive days.

Vysokinsky says construction work will not resume unless the project wins the approval of local residents in a sociological survey. Days of protests against the planned construction of St. Local musicians have also begun speaking out about plans to build the cathedral in place of a central square.

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The Alaska agency that certifies police officers does not track how many cops work in remote villages or the identities of many of those law enforcement officers. We set out to find which communities have no police protection as well as to identify officers with criminal records who, under state law, are not qualified to wear a badge.

To do this, we used several databases to create a master list of Alaska communities and local organizations that might employ police officers. According to the findings of global and U. However, recently we are seeing a slowdown in the industry. Of greater note is the finding that U. Offering hope to these seemingly negative trends is the consideration that shifts are most likely the result of. Recent and future college grads should not be overly concerned by this trend, but should be aware that the market is moving some positions into automated systems that will require a new workforce.

However, there is a nationwide shortage of STEM-trained candidates. If the trend continues, there will be an extreme shortage of qualified candidates for lucrative and stable defense industry jobs. The severity of this shortage is evidenced by a purposeful effort by leaders in the defense industry, universities, and the federal government to facilitate and encourage STEM education and career pathways. Information you need on the future of defense your pre-employment experiences and resume, consider adding experience with automated defense processes and robotics.

They may hold the key to future job security. While some trends show a slightly smaller workforce emerging from the past five years, the next five to 10 years look to be years of overall growth and expansion in the defense industry. According to clearancejobs. These increases in revenue and spending are coupled with another trend that benefits jobseekers: extremely low unemployment rates for defense positions. In fact, aerospace engineering enjoys a less than 1 percent unemployment rate! The AIA notes www. With a graying workforce, reinvigorated economics, and a lack of qualified candidates, the time to join the defense industry is now.

What challenges can recent graduates experience when entering the defense industry? The AIA describes the challenges for young professionals upon entering the defense industry with an intense focus on maintaining job satisfaction. While young professionals are attracted by the traditional desire for a competitive salary and benefits, maintaining job satisfaction that creates long-term viable positions is a bit more challenging for employers.

In a article, Aviation Week listed the following factors as being most important to job satisfaction across several demographics, including. With a shortage of young STEM professionals and modest increases in demand and revenue, qualified jobseekers are in demand. With industry and government leaders laying the groundwork for STEM education and innovation in technology processes, the nation is pinning the hopes of the 21st century workforce and national security on the next generation of college grads.

Current college students and recent college graduates seeking employment in the defense industry should consider adding pre-employment experiences and seeking to narrow their job search by region as well as consider information relevant to their desired title or domain. Understanding the current and future trends in geographical nuances, occupational differences, and desired skills will help to give both groups a better chance of interviewing and securing a position within the industry.

Looking for job titles that feature those keywords will yield the best results when attempting to interview for positions that may not require any prior experience. So where are the best places to find employment in the defense industry? There are a number of markets that are hotspots for defense positions. Washington D.

Norfolk, VA is another large hub for the defense industry as some of the larger defense contractors, such as Honeywell and Northrop Grumman, are located in the surrounding areas. With major U. What do STEM employment options look like in this field? First, consider the statistic that three out of every 10 defense industry jobs is a STEM job.

Department of Defense a Strong Science, Technology,. What skills and majors should students have to obtain those jobs? Employers are seeking STEM-qualified candidates with documented strengths in technical writing, knowledge of shipboard environments, an ability to communicate with customers, critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, and an ability to work independently.

We know firsthand the importance of educating our young people in these areas. As with. Additionally, the Department of Defense has support for veterans who have enlisted previously and are now seeking employment. While enlisting can help your chances of starting a career in the defense industry, both types of candidates regularly seek and find employment. When seeking employment and interviewing for defense positions, many of the same general tips for other fields apply: Create a coherent, concise resume that lists your demonstrated strengths in problem-solving and innovation.

Be sure to prominently feature any STEM experiences you have engaged in, and be persistent in getting your resume out to employers. Search for positions that strongly match your documented skills, and prepare for the upcoming interview process and background check. Boeing interns gain valuable hands-on experience and collaborate with designers, builders, thinkers, and dreamers to achieve incredible things.

We offer internships in engineering, business, and information technology and data analytics in a variety of locations around the globe. Current college students and recent graduates should focus on specific regions or metro areas, target open positions that match their skills, and purposefully seek out STEM internships that will increase their marketability to employers.

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By framing the next few steps of the college and job search, candidates will increase their chances of entering the defense field. Defense contractors continue to be a growing part of the U. The expanded efforts of the U. These companies are actively seeking new hires with a diverse range of skills. Those with skills in cybersecurity, engineering, and science are in high demand with these employers.

Each company listed in the directory has a website specifically tailored to job applicants. Many of these companies are active in recruiting qualified minority candidates to join their workforce. The company manufactures control systems, containers, transport pallets, and shelters. It also offers supply chain management services, aircraft maintenance, and repair. The consulting services range from technology to project outsourcing to Fortune Global companies and governments around the world.

The company has active operations in many countries. Many organizations look to Accenture when trying to boost revenue, discover new markets, and find operational improvements. The projects range from the Mall of Oman The company is active in pursuing and completing large-scale projects. The company is the biggest manufacturing company for space propulsion systems. Its systems are used almost exclusively by the U. Research is conducted with the help of 22, scientists, engineers, and support staff.

The areas of research include energy, defense, and health. The organization has facilities scattered across the U. Companies such as Coca-Cola and Unilever are big customers for this packaging. The company also generates about 10 percent of its net sales from an aerospace business, providing things such as sensors and instruments primarily to the U. It also provides repair services, maintenance, and training. The company has maintained a leading position in the vertical lift sector of aviation.

It maintains operations globally, but primarily focuses on the European, Asian, and North American markets. The company has been in existence for over years. Its activities have ranged ranged from containing the fallout from Chernobyl to building the Hoover Dam. Boeing is the largest aerospace company in the world. The company serves multiple sectors, including commercial, military, space, sea, and science. Beyond manufacturing, the company has large operations in financial and leasing services.

Cubic Corporation provides a number of tailored solutions to clients globally. The company focuses on areas such as communications, intelligence, surveillance, mission solutions, and information technology. The company also creates solutions for the integration of payment options with transportation. The company deals primarily with governments. The company operates globally as it helps fulfill this goal. Areas of expertise include project management, training, strategy, systems engineering, and cybersecurity. CACI International provides a range of information technology services, including network management, engineering, and simulation.

Department of Defense making the bulk of that spending. Beyond the federal government, the company also services local government along with select commercial clients. Some of them include supplier to the Pentagon, commercial aerospace, upgrading of power plants, and general industrial technologies. The company operates in over locations worldwide with a strong focus on emerging markets. The company has recently agreed to be acquired by SAIC. The company routinely operates in areas as diverse as construction, engineering, staffing, and munitions manufacturing.

DynCorp International is in the business of providing maintenance, service, and support in the aviation industry. DynCorp International services clients both in the U. Many of the services can be classified as support services, such as engineering, software development, project management, staffing, logistics, and a number of others.

The company is the result of a spinoff of government services businesses that were owned by L-3 Communications. This privately held company services many large companies and U. Services provided include design, procurement, construction, and maintenance. The projects constructed include hospitals, power plants, and refineries. Half of its projects are in the areas of energy, chemicals, and mining.

In addition, the company actively operates in providing servicing solutions for both commercial and military aircraft. This global company has operations in many countries. It is also a subsidiary of the conglomerate General Electric GE. General Dynamics is a major contractor for the Pentagon.

The company produces a diverse range of products, including warships, submarines, tanks, and munitions. The company also engages in information technology fields and aerospace designs via Gulfstream Aerospace and Jet Aviation. Harris Corporation is a leader in communications for both commercial and government customers. While the majority of its revenue comes from the government, the company maintains a substantial list of customers in fields ranging from energy to maritime.

Huntington Ingalls Industries buildyourcareer hii-co. Beyond building carriers, the company also offers maintenance service for its carriers and submarines. It also provides warfare This century-old company operates in aerospace, construction technology, materials, and industrial solutions.

The company has operations globally with an increasing number of new technologies and solutions. The company is staying at the forefront of development with an increasing focus on cloud computing, blockchain, and cybersecurity. The company continues to maintain a footprint in all areas of computing and technology.

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It has been one of the leaders for patents granted. The company was formerly part of Halliburton. L3 Technologies is a defense contractor that focuses on delivering intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance solutions. The company is a leader in night vision equipment, aircraft maintenance, and training services. The majority of its revenue stems from the United States, but opportunities for employment are available globally. Ebooks and Manuals

Since a merger, the company has grown in its focus on information and intelligence services. The Department of Defense accounts for 60 percent of its total revenue. The company is known for its manufacture of satellites, aerospace vehicles, missiles, and nautical technologies. The company has a long history and can trace its origins back to Some of its business offers include communications, digital forensics, intelligence, and security systems development. The company works closely with the government.

It maintains offices in approximately 40 nations. Several researchers from MIT formed the organization, which has now grown to employ over 7, specialists in various fields. Most of the jobs are located in either Virginia or Massachusetts. The company also provides engineering products for sectors such as space, medical devices, and defense. The company is named after its founder, Bill Moog. The company has delivered over , vehicles since its founding years ago. Its customers come from over 20 countries. The company provides computer integration services to network vehicles for better command and control.

The company mostly serves the U. The company operates in more than 60 countries with around 20, employees. The projects for the company are diverse and vary based on the current needs of its clients. Raytheon is on the list as one of the top 10 contractors for the Pentagon. The company is renowned for its defense technologies that cover the spectrum www.

The company is active in the civilian marketplace and offers technologies related to electronic products, electronic services, and food safety technology. It also manufactures golf carts, ATVs, and products as diverse as power tools and marine systems. In addition, the company offers services in flight training, navigation, and surveillance systems. Rockwell Collins has agreed to be acquired by United Technologies. United Technologies is an industrialfocused company. The company is continuously evolving how to integrate technology and engineering to make things smoother for its clients. Over half of its employees are deployed directly to the customer sites.

It is a South Korean company with a global presence. The company manufactures many things beyond electronics and operates in a variety of industries. The company places a heavy emphasis on research and development. Telephonics makes communication equipment for both commercial and military markets. The company focuses on developing communication equipment that works in places such as helicopters and ships. It also manufactures radar and audio equipment as well as wireless systems.

The majority of its products and services are purchased by the U. The company is best known for the Cessna. It has a strong commitment to hiring veterans, who make up over a third of the workforce. The company operates in 18 countries and is unique as it has more subcontractors than employees. The company provides satellite services, networking, and equipment for both commercial and government customers. The network products are mostly used by the government, while consumer broadband services are sold on the commercial markets. Directto-home satellite Internet services are sold through subsidiary Wild Blue Communications.

Advance Degree vs. How will you achieve diversity in this critical profession? Let us help you! The CCG JobMatch internship program connects and places diverse students and recent graduates with top STEM employers that offer invaluable work opportunities and experiences. If you are ready to jump-start your career, visit. Come shape the future with us. Read Story.

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Customs and Border Protection CBP officers are currently deployed; and 5 at least 38, trained full-time active duty U. Border Patrol agents are deployed, stationed, and maintained along the Southern Border. Authorizes the Secretary to waive legal requirements necessary to ensure construction of the physical infrastructure pursuant to this section. Grants U. States that the Commission's primary responsibility shall be to make border security policy recommendations and submit a related report to the President, the Secretary, and Congress.

Requires such report only if the Secretary cannot certify that DHS has achieved effective control in all border sectors for at least one fiscal year before the date that is five years after the date of the enactment of this Act. Terminates the Commission 10 years after the date of enactment of this Act.

Provides initial funding from the Treasury and continued funding from fees collected pursuant to this Act. Title I: Border Security - Sec. Border Patrol agents deployed to the Southern border to 38, by September 30, ; and 2 increase the number of CBP officers by 3, by September 30, ; and 3 increase the number of trained CBP Air and Marine unmanned aircraft systems crew, marine agent, and personnel by ; 4 increase and maintain Office of Air and Marine flight hours to , annually by September 30, Requires the Secretary to establish a program to actively recruit members of the reserve components of the Armed Forces and former members of the Armed Forces to serve in CBP and U.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Requires, before the hiring and training of additional CBP officers, a report to Congress on current wait times at ports of entry, officer staffing, and projections for new officer allocation at ports of entry designed to implement this Act, including the need to hire administrative personnel. Directs DOD to provide material and logistical assistance as needed. Directs the Secretary to enhance border infrastructure by: 1 constructing additional Border Patrol stations in the Southwest border region, 2 upgrading and establishing additional Border Patrol operating bases, and 3 establishing a grant program with the Secretary of Transportation DOT to construct transportation improvements at international border crossings.

Authorizes FYFY appropriations. Provides funding for such activities. Authorizes appropriations. Requires the Commissioner of CBP to: 1 identify areas near the Northern and Southern borders where migrant deaths are occurring due to climatic and environmental conditions, and 2 deploy up to 1, movable distress beacon stations. Border Patrol officers, U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, U. Air and Marine Division agents, and agriculture specialists stationed within miles of any U.

Requires a certification by the Secretary that the establishment of such distance is necessary and annual reports to Congress on the number of such certifications, their duration, and factors justifying each. Requires that lawful, nonperishable belongings of a migrant that are confiscated under federal authority shall be returned, to the extent possible, before repatriation.

Sets forth reporting requirements. Sets forth bars to eligibility based upon criminal convictions, terrorist activity, and grounds for excludability. Provides derivative RPI status to the spouse or child of an RPI alien if the spouse or child is physically present in the United States: 1 on the date on which the RPI alien is granted such status and on or before December 31, , and 2 meets specified eligibility requirements. Authorizes a dependent spouse or child to apply for RPI status if the legal relationship between such person and the RPI alien ended due to death, divorce, or domestic violence.

Requires an alien applicant to satisfy federal tax liabilities and security and law enforcement clearances. Grants RPI status for an initial six-year period, which may be extended under specified conditions, including fulfillment of employment and nonpublic charge requirements. Sets forth protections for aliens apprehended before or during the application period, or in removal proceedings. Makes an RPI alien ineligible for any federal means-tested benefit, and considers such person to be a noncitizen for certain other federal benefits.

Prohibits an RPI alien from applying for lawful permanent resident status until the Secretary of State certifies that immigrant visas have become available for all approved petitions filed before the date of enactment of this Act. States that an RPI alien may only adjust status under the merit-based system provided for by this Act. Citizenship and Immigration Services field office in which the application was filed.

Prohibits the Secretary from adjusting the status of an RPI alien to lawful permanent resident status unless the person: 1 satisfies citizenship requirements, 2 submits appropriate biometric and biographic data, and 3 undergoes security and law enforcement background checks. Considers for naturalization purposes an RPI alien granted lawful permanent resident status to have been: 1 lawfully admitted for permanent residence, and 2 in the United States as an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence during the period the alien was in RPI status.

Amends the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of to repeal the denial of an unlawful alien's eligibility for higher education benefits based on state residence unless a U. Sets forth RPI program provisions regarding: 1 prohibited and required disclosures, 2 employer protections, 3 audits and information evaluation, 4 administrative review, 5 privacy and civil liberties, and 6 judicial review. Requires the Secretary to provide such information to a: 1 law enforcement or security agency, 2 court, 3 grand jury, or 4 coroner. Citizenship and Immigration Services a program to award grants to eligible nonprofit organizations to assist RPI applicants.

Extends authority to waive the termination of annuity payments for re-employed Foreign Service annuitants. Allows the Secretary to acquire a leasehold interest in real property, and to provide in a lease for the construction or modification of a facility on the leased property in order to facilitate the implementation of this Act. Authorizes such aliens to receive an immigrant visa or to adjust to lawful permanent U. Permits qualified nonimmigrants who have participated in the H-2A temporary agricultural worker program to apply from outside the United States. Prohibits the Secretary from granting blue card status to an alien or dependent spouse or child unless such person submits eligibility-related security and law enforcement biometric and biographic data.

States that blue card status expires eight years after the date on which final blue card regulations are published. Permits a blue card alien to work and travel outside the United States under specified conditions. Authorizes the Secretary to adjust the status of an alien who has been granted blue card status to RPI status if the alien is unable to fulfill the agricultural service requirement. Sets forth employer and worker program provisions and requirements, including penalties for program violations and U.

Requires an employer to be a designated agricultural employer in order to employ individuals under the program. Establishes a limit for the first five years of the program which may be adjusted annually based upon specified demand and economic factors. Provides for a three-year period of admission, with one additional three-year extension without having to leave the United States.

Prohibits a subsequent period of employment unless the alien: 1 returns to a residence outside the United States for at least three months, and 2 seeks reentry under the program as a nonimmigrant agricultural worker.

Provides for worker portability. Prohibits derivative status for the spouses and children of program aliens. Subtitle C: Future Immigration - Sec. Provides for: 1 , admissions per fiscal year, annual increases based upon specified admissions and employment conditions, and a maximum admissions cap of ,; 2 recapture of unused visas; and 3 lawful permanent resident status for such entrants. Provides that: 1 for the first four fiscal years the worldwide level of merit-based immigrant visas shall be available for skilled workers, professionals, and certain other workers; and 2 for subsequent fiscal years preference will be given to tier 1 and tier 2 aliens based upon a point allocation system.

Awards tier 1 and tier 2 points to applicants for specified criteria, including: 1 education, 2 employment, 3 entrepreneurship, 4 high demand occupation, 5 English language, 6 age, 7 country of origin, and 8 family relationships. Makes aliens with a pending or approved petition in another immigrant category and RPI aliens ineligible for a merit-based immigrant visa. Sets forth allocation provisions for: 1 employment-based visas that have been pending for at least five years, 2 family-based petitions that were filed prior to enactment of this Act and have been pending for at least five years, and 3 long-term alien workers and other merit based immigrant workers.

Permits aliens selected for FY or FY to retain program eligibility. Includes among immigrants not subject to numerical limitations aliens: 1 who are derivative beneficiaries of employment-based immigrants; 2 with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics; 3 who are outstanding professors and researchers; 4 who are multinational executives and managers; 5 who have earned a doctorate degree; 6 who are physicians with completed foreign residency requirements; and 7 who have earned a graduate degree in a field of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics STEM field from an accredited U.

Increases visa allocations for: 1 certain special immigrants, 2 employment creation immigrants, and 3 skilled workers and professionals. Prohibits the Secretary of Health and Human Services HHS from waiving compliance by a state with requirements for temporary assistance for needy families under the Social Security Act or the penalties imposed upon a state for failure to comply with such requirements. Provides up to three visa waivers per fiscal year per state for physicians in academic medical centers.

Subtitle E: Integration - Sec. Citizenship and Immigration Services, to: 1 establish the United States Citizenship Foundation to expand citizenship preparation programs; and 2 award initial entry, adjustment, and citizenship assistance grants to eligible nonprofit organizations for immigration integration programs. Makes the provisions of the Child Citizenship Act of applicable to any child adopted by a U.

Authorizes revocation of citizenship for persons separated from the Armed Forces under other than honorable conditions. Authorizes an employer to rely on a state employment agency's referral of an employee if the agency has certified that it has complied with document requirements. Provides a good faith defense for an employer who has complied with document and E-Verify requirements. Requires an employer to: 1 examine specified documents to verify an individual's identity and employment status and use an identity authentication mechanism once it becomes available, and 2 retain verification records for the later of three years after hiring or one year after termination.

Requires an employee to provide an employer with such documents and attest that he or she is authorized to work in the United States. States that these provisions shall not be construed to authorize the establishment of a national identification card. Requires: 1 federal agencies and departments to participate in E-Verify 90 days after the date of enactment of this Act, 2 federal contractors to participate as provided for by a final rule, 3 employers with more than 5, employees to participate within two years after implementing regulations are published, 4 employers with more than employees to participate within three years after implementing regulations are published, 5 agricultural laborers to participate four years after enactment of the Legal Workforce Act, 6 tribal employers to participate within five years after implementing regulations are published, and 7 all other employers to participate within four years after implementing regulations are published.

Provides that one year after implementing regulations are published the Secretary may authorize or direct critical infrastructure employers to participate in E-Verify.

Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1) Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1)
Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1) Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1)
Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1) Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1)
Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1) Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1)
Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1) Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1)
Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1) Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1)
Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1) Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1)
Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1) Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1)
Get Ready for RPI - (in Korean) (Immigration Reform Book 1)

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